Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 6

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 6

By Samuel Claton

Chapter 6

The experiment’s success

30th June 1905

Damn those immortal bastards!  They not only said no to me!  Not only that, but, two of them followed me back to our home and attacked harmony injuring her in an attempt to kill her from behind.

            Well it went well enouph at first, they accepted my gifts and “asked” me what I wanted as we were sworn enemies.  In response I said that we just wanted to form an alliance against the reapers, but their leader Karia asked why we wanted peace after a generation of fighting.  To this I said that we had a common enemy.  He said no. 

            That was all good and fine but afterwards, when I was almost out of earshot I say saw him whispering to one of his subordinates. When I got back to say the bad news I saw two little boys talking to Harmony.  Suddenly I recognized them, they were in the mansion with the rest of the Bounts.  As soon as I saw this they summoned their doll, a monster made of water that congrigated around a single core.  They struck Harmony before I came to her defense as they had knocked her out.  Seeing me they ran away.

             Crom reported to me that the device was ready for use when trouble would come by.  I am going to walk into their base tomorrow and show them why they don’t attack my family members, especially not my sister!

1st June 1905

            I tracked down the offenders when they were on patrol and dealt with them today.  They won’t be bothering any body else at all.  Not only that but I also gained all the abilities of the Bounts. 

            In doing so I learned that the founder could not only take the power of his opponent after they die but also if he didn’t absorb it he could give it to others by releasing the power into a glass and having the person drink it.  Its a dangerous process but if the person drinking it is powerful enough they can take in the powers of the individual that was absorbed.  I plan to mabey give all of my friends and family some Bount powers of their own.

            We finally lost the second to last egg.  We tried a more natural method to alter the DNA of the child.  This worked at first but it didn’t live more then 2 hours, even in our incubation chamber.

8th October 1905

            On the eve of All Hallows eve I decided to do some special effects and test out a new Cero I have been working on.  It consisted of first charging up the Cero then firing out a concentrated beam.  This beam would cut all I don’t want to blow up and explode in the air decimating a 10 meter sphere, at least that is what I want it to do.


20th October 1905

            I succeeded! But not only that but I managed to test it on one of the strongest things I new about.  The chains that bind certain individuals to the dimension of hell.

            When the fight started I was surprised.  He hit harder then the average Hollow and wore a mask.  I decided I would have some fun and tested my own new Cero on him.  He dodged my first 3 attempts but It eventually hit.  The first explosion was didn’t even happen it just cut off his leg.  Seeing my fighting style he decided to hit me with his chains.  They were harder then I thought and I was thrown around as I couldn’t escape. 

            I tried about 5 times before I stopped him.  I gathered the energy and focused it, and it worked beyond my expectations.  It not only cut off his head but cut the about 10 meters of chain he had been throwing be around on.  Afterwards a giant gate appeared and a giant hand grabbed him and dragged him in.  Hopefully Yuki or Harmony can help me figure out how to make this metal our selves.



15th November 1905

            The bounts struck again this time though the guy with the snake attacked.  It was early in the morning and I and Harmony were out at the markets.  He attacked the small house we were living in Set fire to many of the records I had collected In the fire. no one was too seriously injured but the fact remained that they attacked us.  I am going to have to “Convince” them to leave us alone forever.


24th December 1905

            Preparations have been made.  I made a method of launching the chain long distances and Crom finished the method forcing the aura and eventually the soul of any individual out and into my containers.  Since they refuse to play along with our simple requests of peace and cooperation, they will cease to be an existence in this world.


25th December 1905

            I decided to meet them under the guise of a diplomatic meeting.  I first bided time until the others had formed a barrier around the building.  Then I faked my anger at one passing comment and charged at one of the near by bounts, while releasing my bankia.  It happened to be the snake guy.  He was caught by suprise and was unable to fight back.  I absorbed his crest while he turned to dust.  The others were still not prepaired to I went to one in glasses and grabbed him by the neck, grabbed his crest and absorbed his power before stabbing him in the gut. A second later he was a pile of dust on the ground.  The next one to attack summoned his doll, named Ritze, and had it charge in my direction.  I grabbed it out of the air and crushed it in hand.

             Two of the last three stood in front as their leader Karia escaped.  The first one to go down was the girl with the sword and shield.  She charged me and I grabbed both her weapons in one hand and knocked her down with the other.  Absorbing the power thought the doll eventually killed it, killing her.  The last one called his doll, Dalk and attempted to defeat me. First I fired my new Cero at his doll, disintegrating it.  Suprisingly he didn’t die, instead his doll’s dust formed a large double bladed axe.  He managed to injure me, but I broke his arm off, grabbed his neck and absorbed both dalk and him.

            The last one to go was Karia.  He was merged with his doll so I couldn’t do what I did with the others with him.  He gave me more of a challenge because he couldn’t die before we extracted all of his power.  I fired the device several times trying to snag him before I finally caught one of his legs.  Pulling him in he injured me pretty serously so I porpusly cut his spinal cord that brings signals to his legs and arms and back muscles and cut all of the tendons in his legs and arms.  He didn’t need those where he was going.  I brought him over to a room in the basement where I chained him up with the hells chains to the wall.

1st January 1906

            It took some preparation but I have made up some presents for my friends.  For harmony I took the shield part of the girls doll and gave it to harmony to use.  For Crom I had the giant fish made up. And for Yuki I convinced the doll Ritze to obey his commands.  The others that weren’t Karia were merged to make my own doll, Doppelkregar.  He can take my form and attack using my own attacks, he is just a little bit weaker then my self.

            We finished extracting all of the power that karia had, With nothing left he turned to dust.  The power was pumped directly into a filtering system that extracted just the power that contained wind abilities and put that into the egg.  From their we will succeed in making what we wanted.  It will grow at the normal rate of a human child and when old enough will be given the blade that we prepared for it.  Things could not go any better.

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 5

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 5

By Samuel Claton

Chapter 5


Day 429

            It took a few days but we did find a place to live.  It isn’t much, but it is shelter from the elements.  In our search we also finally found two members of my clan!  They consisted of a nine foot tall man that used a bastard sword as a one hand sword and an average hight individual that seemed to have the ability to attack things from a far using ink and a special brush.

            After we all introduced our selves, they told me more about what happened after Harmony’s and Myself’s death.  Disappointingly, our actions only saved them for one generation before they had a large fight with a group of abnormal humans called the Bount.  According to the people we found the conflict started because one of the Bount started eating the souls of our clan because we were particularly powerful.  This sparked a war between the two.  The Bounts ended up winning because most of the abilities of our clan were not made for open conflict while the Bount fighting method was.

            Shortly after that the remaining five families fought over who would succeed the ruling and the number of families was reduced to one, a branch family that was probably the weakest of them all.  This family was a much weaker family then even they were before.  The number of male heirs reduced so much that eventually they even lost the family name.  Over time, the blood became so deluted with non-irregular humans that by time that these two were born, they were the only people that inherited powers.

Day 450

            The clan members that took us in asked me to train them to be as powerful as I can make them today.  I am still not sure it will be worth it for me to train them as they won’t be able to help much in the plan we have decided to enact after we succeed in our experiment and it develops into maturity. 

            I also decided because it was a really rainy day today to go into the Gargaunta to figure out if there is a way to go to an exact location using it.  Crom will be running the analysis of the data while I finish with the development of the sword.

Day 465

            I finally asked what the day month and year was today.  I had been holding out and planning on not asking about it as I thought the people that were letting us live there might think us crazy and kick us out, but to my surprise they didn’t.  The big strong one, named (Put name here) looked at a calendar and told me what it day and year it was.  I was surprised to hear that it was the 1st of April, 1905.  this was very surprising to me because when I died I was sure that it was the year 1857.  I must have spent a very long time in the world between the land of the dead and the living world with out remembering it.

            I have finally decided to train them in the ways of the shadow reaper.  I at first wasn’t going to but, they took an action that impressed me.  They, much to weak to actually fight the dolls of the Bount, decided go into enemy old enemy territory and spy on their mansion.  Their mansion was actually the main home of the Shadow Reapers.  The most surprising thing was the fact that there were only seven of them.  Not only that but their leader seems to have wind powers which is very useful because none of us have any powers of that element.  And, even our modified Aura only mimics wind it isn’t wind its self.

            I plan, if our modified aura fails to make a deal with them that might repair relations between the species of abnormal humans.  More allies would make our invasion even easier

Day 470

            The experiments are not working out the way we want to.  3 of the 8 eggs that we managed to make while we had the equipment have died.  Crom and the others are going to look into this issue while I to to gather some spiritual power and aura to modify from Hollows, which sadly now are the only source we can chose as when I supplied power I almost destroyed the device.

            On a happier note I got the analysis back from Crom about controlling my exit point of the   Gargaunta.  I also got a few tips during a meditation session.  Inside my soulscape he said that he would teach me from his own experience how to open a specific exit point.  In fact he said that he could if not for the barrier get into the soul palace where the zero squad lives.

            Training is going really well for the two remaining members of my clan.  So far their aura has grown to be twice as strong as it was before and they managed to manifest the blade that represents their specific powers. (Put name here)’s is a massive blade of 3 meters on above his hand and continues beyond his hand down for one more meter.  While the weapon of the other one, named (Name 2) is a brush with a scalpel blade instead of brushes.  While the powers were the same they were much more powerful.  (Put name here)’s size gain to item shrinkage went from roughly three-to-one to one-to-one. (Name 2)’s could now cut through a thick steel plate armor and he gained the ability to summon bombes into the world by drawing them.

11th April 1905

            Today during my meditation the inner Hollow told me some starting tips.  One of them was to think of my desired location before I opened the exit.  He said that while that doesn’t always work, it works most of the time.  When that fails he uses some senses that only Hollow’s have to try his best to figure out where he is.  Over all he said that getting exact locations is very difficult and takes a lot of practice.

            The experiment is even worse then before out of the remaining eggs we only have 2 left.  Yuki also did some analysis and found that the way we were doing it was killing them.  Acording to him we need to go to somebody with actual wind abilities and ask them for some help.  Just in case nobody was willing I asked Crom to Develop out of the sword equipment a forceful way to extract the power and aura an indivual.  He asked me why, and to that I said that I doubted that the Bount would agree to lend some help. After a few days of preparing some peace offerings I will go and knock on their front door.  I am going to go because I dought that they can actually take me down and harmony is busy setting up barriers to keep us from being detected by the reapers as she saw one on patrol yesterday.

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 4

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction)

By Samuel Claton

Chapter 4

the experiment

Day 340

            Crom took a sample of my aura so that we could alter and replicate to make the soul we are going to create.  We decided that the powers would be wind based but the planning has not gotten any further.  Harmony thought this was a bad idea because my main weakness is a force I cannot directly absorb.  She said it would be best to have him have an ability that couldn’t be used against me if I wasn’t able to control my own creation.

Day 341         

            We have begun making up a list of the things we will need for these experiments.  So far as I know we only really need some of the 12th division computers as well as a few incubators.  We also will need to take some swords form the academy to put the modified spirit pressure into.  Hopefully we can continue our research under the radar.

            Today I also went to the library to do some research into the operation that ended up killing my race so I could try and stop this in the future.  Even before their first attack they had put agents inside my own clan to cause problems.  One of these spies was even the manager of our funds.  It doesn’t say how they convinced my own kind to betray their clan but this makes their actions even worse.  It also confirms a I had about three months before the first attack.

            The specific anomaly was that of one of our patrons enemies some how knowing about our operations.  This made our operations more complicated in the way that people were seemingly prepared for us.  Not in the way that they had guards that was normal.  Their guards had powers much like we had.  I am aware now that it was probably the reapers deliberately getting in our way, probably because we were “Disrupting the balance of the world”.  When these efforts failed they just killed us all.

Day 350

            we managed to procure the equipment that we needed except for the swords which are more tightly controlled then the other equipment.  With out several swords to experiment on we won’t know how to make a custom sword or whether our theories are correct.  We can’t really continue until we have these things.  Yuki gave the group a good idea.

            He said that we should try using the soul candy provided to reapers when they go into the world of the living.  And just making a spirit body to put it in.  this would need some different equipment but would be easier to do and would be allow us to figure the personality of the artificial soul.

Day 372

            It worked!  The soul body was easy to get and the process was easier then expected to make the personality and powers.  We still don’t have a sword so we decided that it should be able to use its powers with out a sword.  Preliminary testing will start tomorrow.

Day 374

            well the first tests were passed with flying colors but I am beginning to worry that it won’t be as powerful as we wanted it to be.

Day 376

            This one is a failure.  On the second day of testing we pushed it just a little further and it started to break down.  I didn’t expect to have success immediately but I thought this would be more successful then it was.

            We did however manage to obtain the sword of a new reaper that was killed in a battle with a Hollow so I hope this will be able to do what we need it to.we can finally stat the process of putting the modified aura and spiritual power into the sword.

Day 379

            we finally managed to put the machine together that will be modifying and then pumping the power into the sword.  Being an invention of Crom I have no idea of how it works but I do know that it is tuned to me.  The one with the most powerful aura in our group. 

            We put the sword into the machine and I started pumping power and aura into the machine but there was an overload and I was blown back.  The damage was not that bad but the sword was damaged.

Day 380

            We found a source for more swords but Harmony and Crom were doing some research and found that the plan of using a candy and spirit body wouldn’t work.  Crom reported that the vice captain finally succeeded in forming a living body.  He hopes to steal some of the research from him.  He seems to have gotten very good at spying on the vice captain and hacking into the weird piano computer the he has.  I guess having a sword that can slow time to a near stop can give you a lot of time learn a lot of things.

Day 382

            Crom told me every thing he had learned.  He mentioned the method that the vice captian was using to develop the artificial life, some mistakes that we shouldn’t make.  All of which is way more advance then I can comprehend so I won’t even try understand it.  One more record was also brought up.  He was particularly interested in telling me of another city just 200 miles from the edge of the slums.  From what I could tell he had looked deeper into the archives then even the 12th division looked normally.

            The documentation is dated back to 1300 years ago.  It was a scout report from before the quincy invasion talking about a different village more based on the ancient civilization of rome mixed combined with medieval Germany.  The only other thing mentioned was that it was more advance then the 12 squads were back then and that they were forming an invasion force to try to take the much safer land where the current city is located.  No record existed of any defense effort or any actual invasion after this.  The next records he found were in regards to the first blood war 1000 years ago.

Day 400

            the machine to imbue the modified aura and power into is finally repaired and the process to create the child has started.  Instead of me directly putting my own power into the blade through the machine we decided that it would be in the best interest of the experiment to collect the power from me then to modify it and then have it pumped it at a trickle.  That way Crom said the machine would not break.  We modified the incubator to accelerate the growing process as well.  I am glad that that was all that happened today.

Day 414

            the rumors are true, the captain does indeed have a secret method for bankai training.  In fact he offered to train us to test it out on someone other then him self.  This offer was extended to my sister and I.  We are to meet him at his office at eight in the morning tomorrow.  If this succeeds I will be able to compete with some of the weaker captains without relying on the Hollow power I absorbed.

            As far as our experiment is concerned, the sword is coming along nicely.  It is being charged up at about one percent every 3 days.  We just have to charge it up to about 30 percent before the powers we designed won’t change when given to our artificial soul.  In regard to the artificial soul we are having trouble getting the cells to survive beyond about the egg faze.  I am confident in our success though because both LaMar and Crom are working on the problem.

Day 415

            we met the captain at his office at the required time.  We stayed at his office for about 30 minutes before he came in.  he then led us to a secret training area in the city. 

            This place was huge!  It was bigger on the inside then on the outside, much bigger.  It resembled a dessert terrain with a multitude of rocks placed throughout and seemed to have an artificial sky. 

            Regrettably the captain informed us that my sister did not have a strong enough aura to go through with the training.  I however was perfect.   To begin the training the captain took out a large wooden dummy and told me to stab my sword into the dummy.

            I did as he said and suddenly the dummy took the form of the armor I see every time I mediate over my sword.  The captain and harmony then went to the sidelines as many gauntlets appeared all around me.  The armor of the founder then told me to find the correct gauntlet and fire destruction magic level 4 to 10, 20 to 35 then 61 (or greater)  towards him.  As he explained if the gauntlet was the right one it would be able to withstand both the firing of these spells and the redirection when the armor fired them back.  If not the gauntlet would break. He warned me though that if I chose the wrong one too much of the time I could die as the level 61 destruction magic could injure me greatly if the gauntlet could not absorb the blast.

            I picked the nearest one out of the ground and fired number 4 which he absorbed and when I attempted to absorb it it completely blew up the gauntlet and it shattered cutting my arm.  This continued for a short time longer until I found one that could absorb number 4 but that one couldn’t absorb the level 28 destruction magic.  I went through 30 gauntlets one on each hand today. 

            Afterwards I went to the hot spring I had detected and as for the directions of the captain got in.  it seemed to have healing abilities that fixed the broken arm I obtained by receiving the destruction magic fired back at me.  This will take a long time.

Day 419

            Well I am finally making progress.  Today I was finally able to absorb a level 20 to 30 destruction magic, but this worries me.  I have over the past four days gotten no fewer then 3 broken arms, w broken ribs and 5 third degree burns.  Luckily the water is able to heal most wounds.  The main problem is that now I have to fire destruction magic that could kill me if I pick the wrong gauntlet and I can’t absorb all of it.  I hope I can find the right one soon so I can avoid the terrible fate of being killed by my own magic blast.  I am hopeful though that I can actually obtain the intended effect.

Day 421

            Well I finally did it!  I managed to obtain my own bankia.  It was very difficult and I only managed to do so after avoiding five blasts of high level magic and having 30 gauntlets shatter in one day.  When I released it for the first time there was a large shockwave that knocked down the captain that was overseeing the training.

            The changes from my first release include a shield on my left arm as well as the armor on my right arm growing to encompass my upper arm and shoulder.  The lines continued to follow the contours of my muscles and the claws on my right arm grew to be three inches longer then before.  I can’t wait to test it out in combat to see what else it can do.  The only other change I could detect was that the lines were glowing much brighter then usual.

Day 422

            I returned to the base with more good news, the others have finally managed to keep the egg alive and are hopeful that they may be able to nurture it so it can grow into a proper human being.  For now though they are freezing it so that they can preserve it and keep it alive while creating a new one.  The sword that our artificial life will wield is also filled up with the modified aura that I no longer need to charge it but give it to the live we create.  Taking some of initiative of their own my other friends created mod using weakened pieces of my aura that will serve as generic solders in our army.

Day 424

            We were found out!  Yuki left the door open today and an unsuspecting reaper found out base and reported it to the officials.  We were called to account for our actions in front of the court but, looking into other cases most were found guilty and their research was destroyed so I decided that we would escape with the research intact and not with our powers sealed forever.

            We almost got out of the city until many members from my old squad caught up with us.  I decided to stop him my self and told my friends to go to a person in the slums that helped me recover when I had almost died fighting Kempachi Zaraki.  To buy them some time I fired a Cero directly at the crowd. Thinking me a reaper they didn’t expect me to use such a technique I then released my blade and formed the Hollow mask over my face.  They really didn’t expect this and most of them ran away.  The bald one stayed though and released his blade. 

            He charged me with his bladed spear and I avoided then countered cutting his Achilles tendon.  He fell to the ground and tried to through his spear but I grabbed it out of the year and broke it in two.  After that I ran after my friends and caught up with them when they were about half way there.

            We took about 2 hours to get there but we were welcomed Person that helped me.  Crom went back to the city and obtained the items we needed for our research and also deleted our records from the all the computers in the city.  Temporal control is a very powerful ability.  We should be able to get a full nights sleep but to be careful I am going to have us swap watches through the night so we can escape.

Day 425

            We escaped!  It was close but we made it to the world of the living.  To my surprise, my home town. 

            Our day started out not as good as I would have wanted, we awoke to the sound of yelling nearby and when we looked outside I saw reapers approaching.  I grabbed some equipment and so did everybody else.  Crom activated his blade and we all ran.  Harmony stopped, released her blade and stabbed it into the ground.  She then began to sing a beautiful song this song reverberated at in the path of the reapers and formed a barrier that they seemingly fell asleep as soon as any part of them crossed it.  When some of them fired magic at it it just dispersed the magic.

            She met up with with us later deep in the forest. When we were seemingly cornered.  I then had an ingenious idea, I would open up the way Hollows got into this world, a Gargaunta. I called on my Hollow abilities and managed to open one up. Everybody hesitantly got in and I said goodbye and entered it my self.  We all ended up using the way people end up flying in the city by forming our own aura under our feet and started running.  After a while I decided to open another Gargaunta and found that it led to my home town.  This was as good a place as any so we got out safe and sound. Where the reapers wouldn’t find us.

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 3

Diary of the Last Shadow Reaper: The Quest for Revenge on the Reapers

By Samuel Clayton

Chapter 3

Squad life

Day 236

            The entire squad is crazy.  In order to stay away from the crazy captain who finding that I am alive wants t fight me again and to stay away from all the other battle crazed people in the squad, I made a rare request to be assigned to patrol the leave the city and was assigned to patrol the border of the slums for the next three weeks. While my friends will not be able to come with all of them are busy for the same period. I hope to hear what they were doing for so long.

Day 238

            The patrol so far has been un eventful so I have been training each night. I traveled 20 miles today in hard rain. It wasn’t fun but it was much better then my experience in the 11th division.

So far I haven’t made much progress in my training but I have done some experiments with my powers. With every Hollow I came across I tried to absorb all of the spiritual power from them. As many times as I tried to use there abilities every attempt failed and I just cut their mask as always.

Day 240

            Although the last two days have been uneventful today was not. At about noon today I came across a group of Hollows eating each other. They never noticed me but to my horror once all but one had been eaten suddenly the last one grew about 30 feet taller. As it noticed me I recognized the shape it had taken. It was a Menos Grande. In class we had been told about these extremely powerful forces. As my fear subsided I dodged a kick from the Hollow. Then after that it started charging the beam attack we were told to escape from, known as a Cero. I decided to do something that in retrospect I feel is stupid. I stood my ground, released the power of my sword and held my hand out. To my surprise, like my fight with Zaraki, The beam didn’t hurt me. Instead, the lines my gauntlet started glowing purple. As the beam stopped, my gauntlet appeared to be full. Not giving  me a second to respond it immediately attacked. In response I pointed my finger at the Hollow, pictured the process in which it fired the Cero at me and fired. Out came an identical beam that blew off the head of the Hollow.

            After this I meditated for a while communing with my sword. During that time it was revealed to me that I have a second gauntlet that I wasn’t capable of wielding until now. I was also finally able to see the figure within the sword. At first I thought it was the founder but then when it spoke with my voice I realized what it was. It was the armor that I wore on the day I died.  The sword spirit said that while the first gauntlet was able to absorb and release spirit energy attacks the other could incorporate that power into my self.

            The armor continued talking telling me about how I just used the protection and brute strength offered to those who used the armor and that I was only using less then one eighth of the power I could. He agreed that it was time to the rest of my power and when I awoke I found that I had two gauntlets. One looked the same and the other resembled more of a shield with similar glowing lines.

Day 241

            I tried something new and more stupid then yesterdays action today. I used the ability of the left gauntlet to absorb the remaining Hollow power from my right gauntlet into my self. This had a profound effect as suddenly their were not one but two spirits in my blade one looked like a smaller version of the Menos I killed, just smaller, with black chains binding it, The other was the armor holding those chains. I found that by taping into this power I was much more powerful and fast then before. I traveled most of the distance they wanted me to miles today.  I am curently 30 miles from finishing my mission. I will probably spend as long as possible training here and trying to absorb more Hollow spiritual power and pressure.

Day 249

            over the past week or so I gained even more power. I released a whole lot of Aura and attracted as many Hollows as possible to my location day after day. On the third day I found an object that could attract Hollows in large numbers. I used it and got a lot of small fry but also found a great powerful Hollow at the pinnacle of power. In school we learned their names as being Hollow lords. They are so powerful that I found it impossible to even scratch it with my Cero. However after it fired a much more powerful Cero at me I managed to block it and absorbed most of the power sent my way.  However I couldn’t absorb all of it. And I flew against a rock near by breaking my left arm.  As soon as I got up thought I just barely managed to lift my right arm in order to try and absorb more power and what I predicted would happen happened.  I was blown another 30 feet back and crashed into a tree.

            Seeing my plight another reaper in the area decided to help, only to be cut down in an instant by the blade like attachment on the Hollows arm.  I did however manage to get up before being cut across my chest.  The next hit I managed to block but I just flew through 10 trees before stoping.  As this was happening I heard a voice in my head saying, “Do you still desire his power?”.  From that point on it was all a blur.  I remember my gauntlet growing and forming more armor and healing me.  Then I blacked out.  After that I was looking through the eyes of a helmet looking a me fully clad in armor, but I was not in control of my body.  The Hollow, who had just almost killed me, was now bloodied and exhausted.  Right before I blacked out I saw my had reach up and start chocking the Hollow, but something interesting was happening the Hollow was being absorbed, not only his power but his body.  At that moment I blacked out and found my self laying down with the worried faces of my friends looking down on me.  As I am writing this I am in great pa…

Day 270

            I recovered a couple days ago but I still feel like I am not in control of my own Aura. I have periods of time when the black power I absorbed leaks out of my sword and cuts me. I told my sword spirit and he told me that it was because I took a Hollow inside my self and didn’t subjugate it told me to heal spiritually first before trying to subjugate the Hollow I introduced to my soul-scape.

Ever since my injury my friends have been she em always and I finally had time to be re assigned to the 12th division. Rumor is that the captain of that squad knows how to attain bankia, the final release of any sword in a week. I hope to show him my new abilities so that I can be trained to attain bankia in that way.

Day 334

            I cant believe that I didn’t write anything for two months. I am glad not be so busy that I can’t write in my journal. The past two months have be rough but many good things came during those months.

            First my sister has finally learned how to do the fist release of her sword.  It appears to change form to a tuning fork and forms a blade of sound when she sings. For me I finally finished subjugating the Hollow. It was a long hard fought affair and I almost died.  I have my friends to thank for that.

When I was recovering my friends masked my aura using barriers and magic so I didn’t get found out by the authorities.

            According to my friends I was in and out of consciousness for the first 10 days before falling into a death like sleep and having a white liquid coming   out of my body through my injuries, mouth and eyes.  In my own mind I was watching a set of back armor fight the Hollow while I lay bleeding on a battlefield fading in and out of consciousness.  Luckily the armor won and a gained a massive power boost.  This one was even greater then when I absorbed the aura of the Menos grande.  So far as I can tell the aura I can release is now puts more pressure on my surroundings then a low level captain.  I hope to ask the captain about the rumored bankia training in the near future as that is one of the last things I need to be able to compete on the level of the head captain

            For other events I heard that Crom got a promotion and there is a rumor that he might have also gotten his bankai. Also Yuki and Harmony decided to join the 12th division. Harmony decided that she didn’t like how the 2nd division was just using her and quit so we could work in the same squad, even though nobody in our group likes the vice captain.  Together at last we all decided to start a secret experiment where we would try to create a life form with a specially designed sword and sword spirit. However because we didn’t want to have the authorities come down on us for doing unethical experiments we decided this would be a secret affair.  Besides we don’t want anyone stealing our ideas.

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 2

Diary of the Last Shadow Reaper: The Quest for Revenge on the Reapers

By Samuel Clayton

Chapter 2

The Academy

Day 32

            I can’t believe it, I found one of my family members here in the city.  The person in question was my sister Harmony.  Unlike me she never needed a sword to bring out her ability.  Her ability was unique among all of our clan.  She had the ability to generate any sound from her voice.  At first I didn’t recognize her, but she evidently recognized me because as soon as our eyes met she ran up and hugged me.  The things that brought us to this place were similar except that instead of fighting the army she took the opportunity to escape that I provided. 

            When we were in the world of the living, after I decimated their army, the reapers retreated to a more secure location.  She told me that while I had beaten the army the stealth core one by one assassinated the remaining numbers as they ran.  Out of thousands hundreds survived.  My sister was among the victims, but not as the cowards fleeing the enemy but standing her ground defending the clan.

            Among the others that I met I met a tall strong young man named Lamar and a feminine, bookish boy named Yuki.  I learned that in another day I will be going to class with this very group.  Hopefully I can make allies out of the people I met today.

Day 33

            Classes proper began today.  The first lessons are the barebones basics of being a reaper, things like spirit pressure, the swords, and flash step, etc.  It was surprisingly boring. 

            The only concept I hadn’t heard about before then was the concept of “Aura” a concept in which most types of abilities are done.  Put simply spiritual can be compared to water pressure in how the more pressure you have the faster the water can come out.  If you cant put out enough Aura you cant fuel your swords released forms

            Me and my friends heard something interesting today, apparently you can test out of certain items if you are talented enough in one of about five disciplines.  Yuki recommended that we don’t but LaMar managed to convince him that it was ok.  The plan so far is for my sister to master the spells, me to master swordsmanship, lamar to focus in flash-step and swordsmanship, and for Yuki to master his own sword when granted his own

Day 75

            so far the plan set months ago is working.  So far as I can tell we are each at least two years ahead of our classmates.  Today we went to get a tour of the 13 squads within the military.  Today we went to the first through the sixth division.

            The first division was the most impressive today.  We all met the head captain and had a demonstration of exactly how powerful he is.  Me and my sister were the only people to stay awake when he released his Aura.

            During our tour of the second division we met the current head of the stealth core and got a lecture about the history of the second division.  The third was not very interesting.

            The fourth was the most interesting of the ones to this point.  The closest way I could explain it is that it is similar to the things the churches did to help rich individuals when they were sick or injured.  Yuki was entranced the entire time that the vice captain was giving a tour of the facilities.  Not at her but in looking at how advance the. I think.  Disappointingly we didn’t get to meet the captain because she was out helping the eleventh division recover from a run-in with a Hollow.  Much like the third division the fifth and sixth divisions were completely uninteresting. 

            I am almost fearful of the tour of the eleventh division as the captain was the man who nearly killed me three months ago in the slums.

Day 76

            Well the dreaded day came and went.  At first the day was going fine for the first three squads we visited, then we came to the 11th division.  I didn’t even get through the front door before the captain greeted me.  Everyone was shocked that he knew me but the shock wore of quickly after they heard the story about how I survived an encounter with this man.  The truth coming out I became the center of attention for the remainder of the day and was forced to tell the story to the entire class at dinner.

            The 12th division was very weird. First of all the vice-captain was very strange and my friend accidentally found an open door and heard about a group of people talking about a Nemuri managing to survive longer then before.  When he asked the tour guide, the guide said that he obviously heard wrong and that no such experiment was being conducted.

Day 117

            today we were given a sword to put our power into to gain an ability.  We also went to a training area to learn to fight Hollows. I was allowed to keep my sword because I already had one but Harmony, and all the others were given one. My team did well but the rest of the teams with my friends on them did a lot worse.  Usually with my friend holding the entire team up with exemption to Yuki which was the first to fall and had to be brought to squad 4 be healed.  Aside from that nothing else important happened.

            The only person to better then me was our new friend Chrom.  It seemed to me that he was moving unusually fast.  Afterwards I saw him being yelled at by the instructor.

Day 213

            well, the day finally came, Graduation day.  I am going to start with the good part.  Yuki got assigned to squad 4 as his medical skills were top of their class.  To be specific he got the 10th seat in the squad.  My sister Harmony got assigned as third seat in squad 2 and given the specific job of being the interrogator for those who couldn’t be broken by traditional means.  And LaMar and I, joy of all joys, got assigned to the one squad I didn’t want to be a part of, the 11th squad.  The worst part of it all was the fact that I was given an officer position so I couldn’t ask to be re assigned. LaMar wanted to be part of the 12th division but was willing to accept the assignment.  He will probably ask to be re assigned to the 12th division.  I don’t know where Chrom was assigned but I would guess that he was assigned to the eighth division

            We all agreed that we would, with the money gained during our time in the city, to buy up all the houses on one of the small streets.  That way we could all be close together when we were not on assignment.

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter1

Diary of the Last Shadow Reaper: The Quest for Revenge on the Reapers

by Samuel Clayton

Chapter 1

The beginning

Day 1

            Before I died, I was always told of the place you go when you are killed.  The clan elder always described a realm with a horrible wealth disparity between the noble families and the people of the street.  I was also told of the abilities that most of the noble families commanded.  Of all these things I heard him say I believed none of it.  As I am now I should have listened closer to his lessons about the reapers and the differences between us. 

            Seemingly Just a little while ago I was at home during a war between the reapers and our people, the Order of the dark bowmen.  At the time, we had been under siege for a while, but we were quickly eradicated right after our leader Lord Clayton the 20th was killed right in front of me. 

            In his last moments he gave me the greatest and oldest relics of our clan, the armor and blade of the spirit king.  According to legend the weapons contained the destructive power of god.  Not only that but the armor enhanced the natural abilities of our own powers and were going to be especially effective given that my powers were identical to our clans founder the legendary wielder of these relics.

            I vowed to kill every reaper I found that day but because of the generation I was born into I contained too many separate entities within my soul, and my body could not contain the power within me so even though I managed to kill over 60% of there army I was quickly torn apart by my own power.  At that moment I woke up with a roman long sword and no other weapons in the realm of the dead.  I also was unable to activate a single ability even though I was as physically strong as when I was alive. I will make the Soul Society pay for the destruction and chaos inflicted on my clan by causing the same to occur for them.  I will not destroy them though until they understand and feel the same pain I felt then I will kill them slowly and painfully.  By that time I will have made the shadow reapers equivalent in power once again and we will rule the ashes left by the charred remains of the reapers.

Day 5

            I have been looking for other clan members for days but have had no luck.  I will try to look at the one remaining district but if I cannot find anyone I will have to raise my army from the best of the poor districts.

Day 6

            This morning, during my search for clan members, I came across a man, who after hearing of me he decided to challenge me to a duel to the death.  With just my strength alone I was unable to keep up with him.  Disappointed the man who attacked me decided that it would not be worth killing me.  As he was walking away I felt a sudden surge of power as a shiny black gauntlet appeared on the hand my sword used to be.

            The Gauntlet had 2 parts, the hand and the arm. Both were a shiny jet black and had pulsing lines that appeared as interconnected strait lines all intersecting at a gem in the palm section of the armor. The arm section fit tightly to the contour of my muscles. And the hand section consisted of five long claws and a defensive palm piece with another part of it covering my hand.  All the parts were linked by tiny chains.

            Feeling my Aura he turned around to see me with a gauntlet on my right hand.  He questioned me about it but I said nothing.  He then charged at me.  Before I new it, he slashed down.  Almost instantly I lifted my hand to block and noticed a strange thing happening.  The aura released by the man was being absorbed into the gauntlet.  As it was being absorbed I found my self feeling faster and stronger.  Using this strength, I slashed at him with my claws and managed to cut him.

            He responded to the cut in the wrong way, he seemed to be enjoying himself.  I was then hit with a blow stronger then any of the others before.  I fell to the ground and woke up just a couple hours ago in a strangers house in bandages.  He was amazed at how fast I healed and I will probably be leaving in the morning

Day 10

            I finally, reluctantly, decided to join the reaper academy to learn how to unlock my abilities and infiltrate the ranks of the reapers. I will search the academy for other clan members.

Day 20

I got accepted!   I will be meeting in the city in 4 days to meet the class. 


La Bête du Gévaudan: Ruelle d’Angelle Chapter 2

La Bête du Gévaudan: Ruelle d’Angelle
By Emily Allen

Chapter 2

I soaked in the bin for what felt like hours; I may have even fallen asleep, but I do not know. The grandfather clock in the south parlor clanged that it was now ten in the morning. The whole of the village was awake now and they were counting and praying for their dead. Standing up inside the tub, I watched the red water plummet from my body and I grabbed a towel to cover my shame. My sweet mother had laid me some fresh clothes down in my room – a pair of brown breeches, a white shirt, blue vest; she had even laid me a cravat. Even though she had become unaware of my condition, she never wavered in her loyalty and affection. My soul became cursed at the age thirteen, my mother told me, and she also said that it was a familial disease, coming from my father.

“Ruelle?” my mother peered around the corner. “Are you decent enough for me to enter, my son?” There was no response to her question. “My son?” she opened the door more, entering upon the scene of me in only my breeches. Through my anger and blood-lust, my two most dominant emotions, I could smell hers – fear, desperation, and malice. My mother touched the bruises on my stomach and she winced even more than I did. Maybe, I thought, she blames herself more for bringing this wretched creature into the world than I blame myself for ripping people from it. The scent of abandonment rolled off her so strongly that I reached my arm out to console her, and she flung herself around, sobbing into my shoulder. She normally never cries over a phrase, so this must have been the final point before she could no longer take it.

“Mother, please, do not blame yourself for the demon you have birthed. To be seduced by a monster such as my father is nothing to be ashamed of.” I chuckled slightly whilst petting her hair: “we are quite handsome, you know!” I tried to comfort her and put as much facetiousness into my tone as I could stand. She breathed a laugh onto my skin before looking up at me worriedly.

“Oh, my sweet son. I do not blame anyone for anything. I loved your father almost as much as I do you. I weep now only because I fear for your safety.”

“My safety,” I laughed questioningly, framing her face with my big hands. She nodded inside of them and shuddered. “Of all the things that you could concern yourself with, you pick my safety. Do you not think I can take care of myself?” I laughed again. My mother turned quite serious all of a sudden when she looked away from me.

“Who all did you take last night? I need to know everyone, Ruelle.” The question was somewhat odd, since she hadn’t asked about my victims since I was a lad. I could recall each and every face along with each and every expression they had before, during, and after I killed them.

“Uhh, Antoine Bélanger and his sister Claire, the Deschamps sisters, Marie Lémieux, and then two men in armor.”

Then the pain from a dagger puncture on my side resurfaced, making its presence known. When I touched it to make the pain subside, it sent me back into my memories as the Beast, and I could see it all again through my cursed eyes. It was two men sitting around a fire just talking and drinking. They must have been travelers, since everyone knows to never be out during a full moon. I had smelled them from four miles away, for their stench traveled heavily and quickly. It must have been midnight, for I felt my strongest with the moon at its peak in the black sky. I crouched onto all four of my limbs and stalked close to them, around the bushes that surrounded their sad little camp. The two men were exceedingly drunk, so they were even easier prey than the two sisters I had just tracked down. I was breathing in the odor of their blood as it coursed in their veins; these men had the sweet, pungent smell of alcohol swirling around with the thick liquid in their bodies.

One of my favorite practices was to count the pulse to learn how my prey felt, what they were thinking. Most knew I was around them, somewhere, but they had no idea where. The pulse would jolt considerably right before they would decide to run. I waited for the jolt with these two soldiers, but it never came; instead the beating of their hearts was slowing as they were drifting to sleep, making themselves vulnerable to me.

I stalked closer in the brush to see my victims, only to find that both had their backs to me and one of them was a little closer. I had decided on my first one: he was short and rotund. I lunged forward and seized the first man by the throat and dragged him into the brush. The fat man tore and scraped at the ground, hopelessly trying to cling to some form of life, anything to catch himself. The first scream woke the other man, one of height and build, who reached for his dagger and scrambled to his feet. Blood, a sweet metallic liquor, ran hot in my mouth and down my throat, sending with it a frenzied need to kill. With the man still screaming and gurgling in his own blood, I tore into his flesh, ripping piece by piece, muscle from bone, until his screams were nothing more than squeals and faint sobs. Then, pain like a hot branding iron made me drop my prey. The second soldier was standing in shock when I rose onto my hind legs to stand up to my full height. The top of his head came only to the middle of my chest. He stumbled back into the dirt with so much fear that I think I probably could have opened his eyes to find it a tangible item after I ripped them from their sockets. My memory cut out when I took his throat in my jaws.

“My son?” my mother’s quaking voice broke in. I looked down at her and could almost see the little roads of blood that connected all through her small body. They jumped and pulsed just below her skin. Her firm hand grabbed my jaw and positioned my face to look in the mirror. What I saw startled me. The blackness of the Beast was coming back into my eyes, and I broke from her grip, rushing to the mirror.

“Mother?” I rubbed my eyes. “What is this? Why is it happening again?”

“Where did you go? Just now?” her cool voice asked as she sat down in the chair by the window.

“What do you mean?” I was futilely trying to rub the blackness from my eyes.

“In your mind, before I brought you back. You must have gone somewhere. It took you, for I watched as It began to eat your soul.” I understood what she meant and told her everything I had remembered. I had told her of my hunts every now and then, and she always had the same aloof expression. This time was different.

“It happened when I touched the stab wound on my side….” I reached for it again, but my mother’s hand shot out and intercepted me.

“Arrêtez! Why would you do it again?! Qu’est-ce qui ne va pas?!” she jolted the back of my head with her palm, making me growl at her. Mother shot me a look that had its own growl. Even though I could easily crush her, even though she has no chance of fighting me off, my mother had always been my alpha. I’m almost certain she could tame me whenever I was the Beast, but I would never dare try that.

“What does this mean? Have you ever seen it before, Maman?”

She rose from her chair and took my hands in both of hers. “Sadly, it is not good.” The concern grew on my face and she placed one of her small hands on my cheek. “It means you are embracing the Beast….”

I threw her hands from me at her words, but she continued.

“…and soon It will control you entirely.” It was almost as if she did not care about what she told me, as if nothing would come from it.

“What do you mean?!? ‘It will soon control you entirely’? ” I mocked her as though I were a child again.

“Ruelle. I have seen it before with your father.” Her small frame held more calm than I could even think about having.

“You are the goddess of aloofness. Tell me why you are not as troubled as I am? Tell me why you do not care?!?” I shouted at her. The sting of her palm across my cheek made me understand how much I was becoming an animal. My shame filled me completely and I collapsed on the floor in front of her, grabbing the hem of her dress. “Maman” was all I could whisper in my disgrace.

“I care. . . more for you . . . than I have cared for any other living soul,” she hissed. My eyes looked up at her when one of her tears dropped onto my hair. She would not even look into my eyes as I implored her to forgive me.

“Maman, please. Please help me.” But she only walked away from me.

“Go to the village and represent our family. I am grieving for the losses and am too hurt to come.”

The words were more painful than the stab wound on my side. She would come around to me again, though. She always would. Having now been completely scorned by my mother, I had to go into the village and act as if I knew nothing. In the earlier years, this was very difficult, and my mother would have to keep me home until I could control my emotions around the families who are no longer whole because of me. We keep no servants, even though we could afford it, because of the risk of their discovering me. Therefore, I have to do everything for myself. I have no appetite after the night, but I grabbed two apples anyway – one for Greysy our mare, and one for Aubine.


Ruelle d’Angelle
by Emily E. Allen

Chapter 1

Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers by night,
May become a wolf when the wolf bane blooms
And the autumn moon is bright . . .

The taste of blood and flesh still remained in my mouth. My hands and arms were now stained crimson by the deaths of my victims. Still, in my ears, I can hear screams, such piercing screams that I am afraid both my ears and heart will burst. The agony and guilt tear at my soul as I tore at the still-living bodies of the men, women, and children I slaughtered last night. Outwardly, my body was unwavering, unfatigued by the exercise of the night, but, on the inside, my soul was on fire. Drained of life, I am shocked to find that I am actually awake. My stomach is so full of the flesh of those I dispatched that I want to vomit and expel it from my body. But I cannot. Fearfully, I am learning to curb these feelings of guilt and shame and slowly, my body has begun to crave the flesh of men even more. I now can easily dismiss this remorse and am sure that I will soon feel none. I am sure that I will soon feel only a desire to commit even more atrocities, and not just because of the moon, but because of the blackness that is engulfing my soul.

I find myself in the middle of the forest outside the village, awake in a thicket, not even thirty feet from one of my victims. The shock always hits me very hard when I first awake. A young boy, maybe only eleven, it would seem. I gag slightly at his stomach, ripped open, and the contents strewn across the ground. There is no sign of any other souls about so I crawl over towards his lifeless body. Upon a closer look, I can see now that it is the baker’s son, Antoine, a boy that I have seen play in the streets almost every day. The pain is too severe to keep buried anymore when tears surge from my eyes and I watch as they fall onto my blood-stained hands and arms. Anger. More anger than I have felt in all the months and years of my condition sets a fire into my veins. In a fit of that rage, I rip what few shreds of shirt I still have off my chest and fling them from me. Mice, who have already started to consume Antoine’s body, scatter across the leafy floor, then a flash of orange stings my eyes. The sun. Slowly, in a stupor, I rise from the dirt and leave the dismembered body of the boy to rot; then I stumble my way through the rest of the forest, running past a number of my victims on the way to my home. They are mostly women who were unfortunate enough to be left out on this full moon and a couple of men who were too stupid to think they could survive. My home is but two miles north of my current position and the village is almost a mile south, and my speed increases as I hear distant screaming. It is the screams of the mothers who have now noticed that their sons or their daughters are missing. The front gate to our small home is barred from fear of the Wolf, but it is little deterrent for me as I swing myself over it. My mother is in the window, watching, waiting, for my return. I burst through the back door and she has already descended the stairs to address me.

“How many?” she asks in the same blasé tone as every other time.

“Seven,” I cringe as I rid myself of the tattered and bloody rags that are left on my body so that I stand in my breeches. She takes them from me and tosses them onto the fire.

“Quickly. Upstairs I already have a bath drawn.” Without a second thought, I nod and hurry up the small staircase of our manor to find the bathing bin full of hot water waiting for me in the wash parlor. I gaze down at my hands – the things I used to tear open the bodies of my victims – and the water turns to blood as it leaves my arms. I can see my face in the mirror behind the basin. My black wavy hair is covered in dirt and blood. My olive face and body bear the marks of resistance inflicted upon me. The blue that once inhabited my eyes is slowly coming back and leaving the black of the Beast behind. Disgusted with myself, I plunge my body into the water and shudder. Even if I were to stay under, it would do no good, for nothing can kill me. No suicide works, for my body heals too quickly. My mother bursts into the room to find me in the tub fully now.

“It could have been worse,” she mumbles, grabbing a rag to relieve my back of excess fur, blood, and dirt.

“Really, mother? I thought that the slaughter of seven innocent people was a tragedy. Perhaps I was mistaken,” I growl as I scrub my hands. She grips my shoulders and looks at me through the mirror.

You could have been killed.”

I meet her gaze: “Perhaps I should have been.”

“I never want to hear you speak like that. You are my son, and I would gladly watch the whole village be butchered before you were,” she rinses my back.

“That is already going to happen, whether you want to watch or not. I am on my way to completing that task fully,” I chuckled. She kissed the top of my wet hair and left the room in tears. The whole world may be butchered before I die. At my own hands.