By Victoria R. Gregory

There be an almighty ruckus as Jim-Bob ma yelled at the scrawny brat and his sisters to not be doin’ none of that so he telled his ma “I ain’t no ijit and can’t get ‘er done cause I done done it.”

While the breeze gently ebbed and flowed thru the fresh cherry blossoms whose petals drift silently into the rippling water and danced in the stream as she breathed deeply drinking in the fragrant.

Gazing across the dessert sands as the light of the shattered remains of the duel moons began to dye Dys and Lexi felt there harts sync into a deep whole as Lexi berried her head in her hands and began to mown, morning the loss of the future they were bourn and bread for.

Just beneath those 2 great peeks at the ft. of the dark mountains, dwell the mighty dwarf, whom in ages past will have absolutely nothing two do with the outside world and wood fain have even emerged this very days were it not for… Gimrad!

The silence was deafening amidst the chaotic din on that lonely night in the packed hotel where the blond strutted down the hallway followed by a horrifying scream.