by Crystal Goff

We’re told we have Freedom of Religion

until an Athiest comes along and asked

that the word God be taken away.

At our expense the government agrees

its ok, what about us as Christians don’t

we get a say.

I as a christian can respect that in nothing

you believe, can’t we just agree to disagree.

Your free to have your beliefs, and I am free

to have mine, tell me where we draw the line.

I respect that to you there is no heaven

or no hell, however, removing God from

everything still isn’t going to serve you very well.

God lives within our homes and our hearts

you see, so go ahead and try your best,

but you can’t take him away from me.

We’re told we have Freedom of speech,

then we’re told to watch our words.

Becareful what you say, someone

might just take offense. What has gotten

into everyone these days, this really makes

no sense.

We have to mind our words, our thoughts

hell eventually our dreams, today more

than ever so it seems.

I should be free to be me, and you to be you.

We are made to be different, especially unique.

What type of understanding is it that you truly seek?

It makes no difference to me what choice it is you make,

as long as it is not my freedoms that you are choosing to take.

We’re told we have the Right to Bare Arms,

For the protection of our families and our homes.

Put those arms in the hands of criminals and thugs

and suddenly the fault becomes our guns.

I agree everyone has the right to life,

but blame the criminal not the device.

Controlled by nothing more than the idol hand,

but these words one must hear and understand.

Threaten my home, my family, or my life,

I will defend them at all cost.

For with that same gun you point at me,

My life wont be the one that’s lost.

What happened to times when we took

responsibility for our own actions, owned

up to what has been done.

We have lost sight of what these rights

really mean, choosing to put on them our

own spin, but no matter how you choose

to see it a sin is still a sin.


By Victoria R. Gregory

There be an almighty ruckus as Jim-Bob ma yelled at the scrawny brat and his sisters to not be doin’ none of that so he telled his ma “I ain’t no ijit and can’t get ‘er done cause I done done it.”

While the breeze gently ebbed and flowed thru the fresh cherry blossoms whose petals drift silently into the rippling water and danced in the stream as she breathed deeply drinking in the fragrant.

Gazing across the dessert sands as the light of the shattered remains of the duel moons began to dye Dys and Lexi felt there harts sync into a deep whole as Lexi berried her head in her hands and began to mown, morning the loss of the future they were bourn and bread for.

Just beneath those 2 great peeks at the ft. of the dark mountains, dwell the mighty dwarf, whom in ages past will have absolutely nothing two do with the outside world and wood fain have even emerged this very days were it not for… Gimrad!

The silence was deafening amidst the chaotic din on that lonely night in the packed hotel where the blond strutted down the hallway followed by a horrifying scream.