by B. G. Wallis

The traveller was wading through a torrential downpour when he finally saw the faint oil lamp in the distance. His cloak had a healthy coating of freshly churned, earthy mud, compliments of having run nearly the entire way here; whether this was out of fear or excitement to repay his debt, only the mother knew. The traveller remembered what the old bird told him before he left to find it: under some trees and over some caverns and through some bogs and hidden in bushes.

“I’m an old crone, and have nothing better to do than spin tales and send people out into the world with nothing but vague direction and chills up their spines,” he mocked.

He smiled at his own humor, but pushed the thought aside, following the growing flicker of the Elderberry Cafe & Inn’s lamplight. Standing in front of this behemoth, he could see that its reach into the darkness was long and sullen enough to swallow the light from the wick of the lamp whole. Mother only knew how far its branches stretched into that darkness. Must be old, he thought to himself. “Hence, the name,” he said out loud, shaking off the night and stepping inside.

Bemusement over the simplicity of his trip thus far was thwarted by how eerily well-kept the Elderberry was. Candle-lit balconies seemed to go up for at least eight or nine stories, each carved out one by one. The ground floor of the inn was covered with an assortment of empty vendor booths, no doubt set up with varying wares, food, and miscellaneous tonics for travellers during the light hours. The floor was dry, cool earth, and the concierge desk was humble oak, with several columns of carved places for the keys stretching high and out of sight, along with a rolling ladder hanging off to one side. The cafe was off to the left and separated with a door containing several panes of not only glass, but varying sizes of paned colored glass at that, like platelets of a picked over rainbow that had been shattered.

“Can I take your cloak, dearie?” a small, Scottish-accented voice said from behind the traveller.

He turned. A small white field mouse behind him in a heavy cotton apron was standing at attention, and at almost a third of his size. She warmed the room with rosy red cheeks and good intent.

“Umm—no, thank you,” he said, pulling his hood back. The traveller revealed his two pointed, flicking ears, a long snout with a black nose at the end, forest green eyes, and patterns of burning red fur. “I’m looking for someone,” he said. “You wouldn’t happen to have seen anyone recent by chance?” The traveller could feel the vibrations of music, and chittering amongst commonfolk under his padded feet.

“Can’t say I have, dearie, but you should know that I don’t normally tend to the cafe there,” she said, pointing. “I’m the maid, greeter, and the front desk clerk as well. Although, they could have slipped by meh, y’know. You should have a looksee in there. The cafe is Randall’s cup’o tea, it is, and he’ll know whatever you need to know—if he knows it.”

The traveller snorted a laugh while the field mouse stood stolidly, waiting for the punchline of the joke she had told. The fox stifled himself. “Thank you for your help, mum,” he said with a grin, starting to walk away before the field mouse stopped him with a question: “What’s your name, dearie?”

The fox looked puzzled for a moment, and the mouse quickly took  notice. She added, “just a formality. It’s in case you decide to stay so I can have the paperwork filled out and the room prepped. If I’m being truthful, I’ve nothing else to do.”

“Samhain,” the fox replied with a reassuring smile, “Samhain Foxxin, but I can assure you that my stay will be brief; if you find yourself having to tend to another, don’t put off the party’s needs on my behalf.” The mouse gave an understanding grin and nodded, then she scurried away while Samhain made his way into the cafe.

If the plate glass on the inside windows of the place weren’t enough visual appeal for a weary traveller, the varying degree of collected things painting the walls certainly would have been. Whereas the lobby of the inn had been very tidy, the cafe felt more like home for Samhain as soon as he stepped through the door.

There was a mole in the corner sitting at a full-sized piano and pecking away at the ivory, injecting harmony to match the sights of hysteria, including the plethora of varying knickknacks all over the walls. Patrons of all species, shapes and sizes, alike and apart, covered the cafe. To Samhain, it looked more like a bar with discounted beverages, but alas, these animals were the same as many who had recently discovered that caffeinated dream and decided, quite wholeheartedly, that they didn’t want to do away with the odorous bean’s hearty juices any time soon.

Rounded tables and a bar with an espresso machine were the intended points of social engagement, but it seemed that the animals had played into an idea that the floor, or up against the walls, or even lying on the room’s piano, were as suitable place as any to enjoy each other’s company.

If they’re lucky, they’ll be dead soon enough. God help them if they live to see it, he thought, gazing into the muckery that was this “animals’ paradise.” Amidst the mug wielders and those shooting shots of high-grade coffee at the bar, Samhain noticed just who he had been looking for, but this didn’t mean he had to be happy about it. He treaded lightly, “like a fox,” his father would have said, as if to tiptoe around and leave the disturbances within the cafe to do their own disturbing. He only wanted to speak to the rat he saw at the bar. Nothing more and nothing less.

Despite everything you may have heard about them, rats weren’t all bad. They got a bad reputation because a few dozen were bitten by fleas during the time just before the black plague, and the rest is history. Before and now, most were kind and would even help the less fortunate animals nibble through the steel cable traps left hidden from the Long Ago, set by humans to catch whatever was left in the fleeting desperation of their last few years.

This particular rat, however, was not of the same sort. As Samhain had heard, this particular rat would have sold the snare back to the humans if he could have spoken their language.

The rat noticed Samhain seat himself two seats down at the bar and gave him a stinking eye’s worth of attention. Following this, his gaze returned and he continued to sip his beverage.

“So,” the rat said, turning his attention away to keep his eyes flat on the wall, “The Order are the ones who want the kettle so badly. I could’ve guessed—and did, but why on earth would they send someone like you to fetch it?” He spoke with a drawl that sounded like a proud southerner.

Samhain look down for a moment, but remembered more of his father’s words. He held his eyes at a steady gaze, but there was a kind of weakness in that look and the rat must’ve felt it. His words started slowly slicing.

“What? Think I didn’t know about you? Of all the sly, devious sons of bitches I could’a ran into, I happened upon the one and only Samhain Foxxin. Pity really, what happened to your folks. If you don’t mind my sayin’ so?”

The rat actually looked as if he could be remorseful for a moment, a true empath, but he  must’ve perished the thought because he continued not long after. “Things in the world happen for a reason, Sam. It’s up to the sly and witty to make them right again, wouldn’t you say? Can’t be sendin’ sheep to do a fox’s job, now can we?”

Samhain sat coldly and finally spoke after a few moments. To a creature like him, it was out of readiness to leave the Inn and be on his way, but to the rat, it sounded like someone who was upset.

“Do you have the kettle or have you pawned it already?”

“Pshaww, cherish the thought wouldn’t you? But, did you think I’d really let you just fly on by with it? No, you see, someone has to pay up for the little cast ironer, or you ain’t gettin’ nothin’.” The rat showed his teeth in a snakely grin.

“You’ve already received payment by The Order, rat,” Samhain said through teeth that were steadily clenching tighter.

“The Order,” the rat said, almost as a question. “Boy, you understand that all that prestige about them being the ‘one true power over all animal kin’, including the currency ‘round these parts, all went out the window once your daddy did what he did.”

His matter-of-fact tone was cutting deep and only refreshed old memories that Samhain had been trying desperately to forget as of late.

“It ain’t a wonder,” the rat continued, “why your mother was hung with him, seein’ as how she was helping a fugi—”

Within the midst of the ruckus, an audible click of a hammer backing on Samhain’s .45 Eagle’s Claw could be heard by the rat and the attendee at the bar who was walking by with a neat little white cup and saucer.

The attendee watched as Samhain leaned in and began to speak slowly. “You utter one more word, rat, and I’ll make sure your talker is nothing but a spigot for your brains to slide through while you try to regret it.”

The rat contemplated words, but withdrew them entirely. As much of a snake as he was, he knew when to duck under his rock and wait out danger.

“Forgive my friend,” the rat told the attendee with a sincere voice. “He’s been through a lot recently.” Samhain shot a grave look at the attendee, most of which was intended for the rat sitting across from him.

“Perhaps you could top me off and give my friend here a fresh cup as well. It might ease his head while we palaver,” the rat said. The Attendee nodded and walked on.

Samhain and the rat stared each other down for a good minute or so while the attendee

crafted the roast. He placed it in front of Samhain, topped the Rat off, and walked away, looking  wearily over his shoulder once or twice and hoping he didn’t hear any more noises that were more unnerving than that clicking of Sam’s gun.

“Do you know what the kettle is?” the rat asked. Samhain heard sincerity in his voice again and thought the rat was either clever to allow a semblance of trust between them to get what he wanted, or perhaps he was extremely stupid to let someone even this close after such an exchange of words..

“As far as I’ve heard, it’s only an heirloom,” Samhain replied.

“So what on earth would The Order be wantin’ with it, making you come out to the middle of nowhere to fetch an ‘heirloom’?” the rat asked, dragging a skinny finger around the rim of his glass.

“No idea, they’ve been doing a lot of that lately, dealing things about. You sound like you know something about it.”

“It’d only be a guess based on all the other evidence,” the rat said. Samhain gave him a go ahead look.

“My guess,” the Rat said, looking at Samhain with as much sincerity as could be written upon a rat’s face, “is that they are preparin’ a peace offering in preparation for what’s comin’.” The rat spoke with a grave and familiar tone. All the animals were aware of how they had gotten this way, and none were more excited to learn of their freedom than the other. But, some things come with a price to be paid. As the rumor Samhain had long heard tell of had it, the animals would have to pay a hefty helping of that price in due time.

“May be,” Samhain said, “but all I know is that my cog in this clock has started to grind. Best be getting on with it.”

The rat smiled. “I’m glad you brought your toy, young’n.” The rat opened his coat, revealing a letter as well as a pistol of his own, tucked neatly at his hip. “We’re both gonna need ’em.” Samhain opened the letter:





The kettle was destroyed long ago, but its boil is still rolling over more and more as the days pass. The rat you’ve sought has answering to do for kin of his own. May the Mother have mercy on both of you.


The Order


Samhain looked up as the Rat began to speak.

“Well Foxxin, looks like we’re a pair now,” he said, tossing a letter of his own on the table and garnishing the grin of a madman. “Time to start shooting.”

Another chill found its way up Samhain’s back as noise all around ceased. The animals in the cafe were all at attention, looking at the two with caffeinated eyes and murderous intent. The field mouse that greeted Samhain at the door had placed a bar over the entrance and turned with a frying pan and a wicked grin.

Not long after, the shots began to ring out.



by Powell Franklin


Shall we go chasing fireflies tonight?

I’m sure there’s nothing I would rather do

Nostalgia fuses with a fresh delight

When I share memories with you.


On not so distant evenings ago

When I looked at at the world through younger eyes

The seasons moved serene and very slow

And I myself went chasing fireflies.


The twilight’s come, the dew is on the grass

You run across the yard in just one shoe

How quickly now the seasons seem to pass

I cherish chasing fireflies with you.


The jasmine blooms, the evening looms and then

Tomorrow we’ll chase fireflies again.


by Hannah Pickering

How heavy your tarnished crown must be, Your Majesty.

I remember when it shined like the rays of light cascading down from the heavens.

Did the burdens of your people become too much for your head to bear?

How small you are; you;re practically folded in on yourself, Your Highness.

I remember tall, proud shoulders.

Did the weight of the worlds become too much for your shoulders to bear?

Come now, I know that headpiece is cumbersome but isn’t it polite to greet your guest by looking them in the eyes?

Ah, there we go, grasp that last bit of fleeting pride and grit and look upon me.

How sunken and dark your eyes are, Your Grace.

I remember bright orbs that shined with unbridled passion and innocence.

Did the gravity of your sins become too much for your eyes to bear?

Your Majesty, Your Highness, Your Grace.

You are none of these.

You are a nothing who was ruled far past his prime and your reign ends here.

So, crumble skeleton.

Crumble into the dust of that you formed from.

The new King has arrived to take his place.



by Desirae Costigan


Maybe if I was better for you.  If I could bat my eyelashes and stare into your eyes deceitfully I would have you tagging in my wake.  Maybe if I gave false hope to fill up the void in your heart till you were overflowing, spilling in at the seams.  If I could crack that million dollar smile or pout my lips softly, I could keep your love.  But, my dear, for you I cannot flutter my lashes, for I have trouble in the seconds we don’t share a gaze.  False hope has never meant much in my reality, and I know oh so well that it will not fill a hole for long without spilling and seeping through the cracks.  My love, my smile is far from perfection but it bares my tongue, that is where my words are forged.  And if I were to pout, tell me, would the innocence portrayed be real?  If I am not enough for you, then at least I have offered all that I know.


by Rob Howell

Winter. Oh, how I love winter.  The feeling of the warm and cool fighting for dominance and me not caring who is victorious.  Just watching the snow fall outside.  Feeling the cold radiating from the glass.  Seeing the frost on the window.  Walkign outside in the dead of night and feeling the freezing concrete on my bare feet.  The smell of Winter Lodge burning in the air.   The taste of the salty winter ham or the sweet pumpkin pie.  The bright reflection of the sun’s light against the white ground.  Cuddling the one you love and watching a film.  The sound of the snow crunching under both of your feet as you take a stroll through the park.  That is why I love winter.



By Tony Rafalowski


The walnut tree

outside my window

(that I thought was something else)

yielded fruit for the first time

this autumn.


Accidentally planted

by an unknown breeze,

no one noticed it

until it had already

taken root.


For years mostly

it seemed a twig,

gray, barren, dull, mundane,

a budding branch or two

in late spring.


Until this year –

full of bronze leaves,

it covers the empty lawn

with an unlooked for harvest:

love is like that sometimes.

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 6

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 6

By Samuel Claton

Chapter 6

The experiment’s success

30th June 1905

Damn those immortal bastards!  They not only said no to me!  Not only that, but, two of them followed me back to our home and attacked harmony injuring her in an attempt to kill her from behind.

            Well it went well enouph at first, they accepted my gifts and “asked” me what I wanted as we were sworn enemies.  In response I said that we just wanted to form an alliance against the reapers, but their leader Karia asked why we wanted peace after a generation of fighting.  To this I said that we had a common enemy.  He said no. 

            That was all good and fine but afterwards, when I was almost out of earshot I say saw him whispering to one of his subordinates. When I got back to say the bad news I saw two little boys talking to Harmony.  Suddenly I recognized them, they were in the mansion with the rest of the Bounts.  As soon as I saw this they summoned their doll, a monster made of water that congrigated around a single core.  They struck Harmony before I came to her defense as they had knocked her out.  Seeing me they ran away.

             Crom reported to me that the device was ready for use when trouble would come by.  I am going to walk into their base tomorrow and show them why they don’t attack my family members, especially not my sister!

1st June 1905

            I tracked down the offenders when they were on patrol and dealt with them today.  They won’t be bothering any body else at all.  Not only that but I also gained all the abilities of the Bounts. 

            In doing so I learned that the founder could not only take the power of his opponent after they die but also if he didn’t absorb it he could give it to others by releasing the power into a glass and having the person drink it.  Its a dangerous process but if the person drinking it is powerful enough they can take in the powers of the individual that was absorbed.  I plan to mabey give all of my friends and family some Bount powers of their own.

            We finally lost the second to last egg.  We tried a more natural method to alter the DNA of the child.  This worked at first but it didn’t live more then 2 hours, even in our incubation chamber.

8th October 1905

            On the eve of All Hallows eve I decided to do some special effects and test out a new Cero I have been working on.  It consisted of first charging up the Cero then firing out a concentrated beam.  This beam would cut all I don’t want to blow up and explode in the air decimating a 10 meter sphere, at least that is what I want it to do.


20th October 1905

            I succeeded! But not only that but I managed to test it on one of the strongest things I new about.  The chains that bind certain individuals to the dimension of hell.

            When the fight started I was surprised.  He hit harder then the average Hollow and wore a mask.  I decided I would have some fun and tested my own new Cero on him.  He dodged my first 3 attempts but It eventually hit.  The first explosion was didn’t even happen it just cut off his leg.  Seeing my fighting style he decided to hit me with his chains.  They were harder then I thought and I was thrown around as I couldn’t escape. 

            I tried about 5 times before I stopped him.  I gathered the energy and focused it, and it worked beyond my expectations.  It not only cut off his head but cut the about 10 meters of chain he had been throwing be around on.  Afterwards a giant gate appeared and a giant hand grabbed him and dragged him in.  Hopefully Yuki or Harmony can help me figure out how to make this metal our selves.



15th November 1905

            The bounts struck again this time though the guy with the snake attacked.  It was early in the morning and I and Harmony were out at the markets.  He attacked the small house we were living in Set fire to many of the records I had collected In the fire. no one was too seriously injured but the fact remained that they attacked us.  I am going to have to “Convince” them to leave us alone forever.


24th December 1905

            Preparations have been made.  I made a method of launching the chain long distances and Crom finished the method forcing the aura and eventually the soul of any individual out and into my containers.  Since they refuse to play along with our simple requests of peace and cooperation, they will cease to be an existence in this world.


25th December 1905

            I decided to meet them under the guise of a diplomatic meeting.  I first bided time until the others had formed a barrier around the building.  Then I faked my anger at one passing comment and charged at one of the near by bounts, while releasing my bankia.  It happened to be the snake guy.  He was caught by suprise and was unable to fight back.  I absorbed his crest while he turned to dust.  The others were still not prepaired to I went to one in glasses and grabbed him by the neck, grabbed his crest and absorbed his power before stabbing him in the gut. A second later he was a pile of dust on the ground.  The next one to attack summoned his doll, named Ritze, and had it charge in my direction.  I grabbed it out of the air and crushed it in hand.

             Two of the last three stood in front as their leader Karia escaped.  The first one to go down was the girl with the sword and shield.  She charged me and I grabbed both her weapons in one hand and knocked her down with the other.  Absorbing the power thought the doll eventually killed it, killing her.  The last one called his doll, Dalk and attempted to defeat me. First I fired my new Cero at his doll, disintegrating it.  Suprisingly he didn’t die, instead his doll’s dust formed a large double bladed axe.  He managed to injure me, but I broke his arm off, grabbed his neck and absorbed both dalk and him.

            The last one to go was Karia.  He was merged with his doll so I couldn’t do what I did with the others with him.  He gave me more of a challenge because he couldn’t die before we extracted all of his power.  I fired the device several times trying to snag him before I finally caught one of his legs.  Pulling him in he injured me pretty serously so I porpusly cut his spinal cord that brings signals to his legs and arms and back muscles and cut all of the tendons in his legs and arms.  He didn’t need those where he was going.  I brought him over to a room in the basement where I chained him up with the hells chains to the wall.

1st January 1906

            It took some preparation but I have made up some presents for my friends.  For harmony I took the shield part of the girls doll and gave it to harmony to use.  For Crom I had the giant fish made up. And for Yuki I convinced the doll Ritze to obey his commands.  The others that weren’t Karia were merged to make my own doll, Doppelkregar.  He can take my form and attack using my own attacks, he is just a little bit weaker then my self.

            We finished extracting all of the power that karia had, With nothing left he turned to dust.  The power was pumped directly into a filtering system that extracted just the power that contained wind abilities and put that into the egg.  From their we will succeed in making what we wanted.  It will grow at the normal rate of a human child and when old enough will be given the blade that we prepared for it.  Things could not go any better.

Siege of Heartbreak

Siege of Heartbreak

By Mikayla Bazzell


Only he can make me feel this way

Only he can break my heart more than it already is


I don’t know why it hurts so much

I don’t know why I let him in

How could I let him make such an impact on me?

On my heart?


I built a wall for a reason

And I was an idiot to let him tear it down


My builders are coming back with a vengeance

This new wall is going to be made of iron

And it’s going to be thicker and taller than it ever was before

And no one will ever breach my gates again


I will have Archers at the ready

And Knights surrounding my fortress


No one will make it within a thousand miles of these gates

And no one will besiege my Army…

For as long as I live…

I will be safe…

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 5

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 5

By Samuel Claton

Chapter 5


Day 429

            It took a few days but we did find a place to live.  It isn’t much, but it is shelter from the elements.  In our search we also finally found two members of my clan!  They consisted of a nine foot tall man that used a bastard sword as a one hand sword and an average hight individual that seemed to have the ability to attack things from a far using ink and a special brush.

            After we all introduced our selves, they told me more about what happened after Harmony’s and Myself’s death.  Disappointingly, our actions only saved them for one generation before they had a large fight with a group of abnormal humans called the Bount.  According to the people we found the conflict started because one of the Bount started eating the souls of our clan because we were particularly powerful.  This sparked a war between the two.  The Bounts ended up winning because most of the abilities of our clan were not made for open conflict while the Bount fighting method was.

            Shortly after that the remaining five families fought over who would succeed the ruling and the number of families was reduced to one, a branch family that was probably the weakest of them all.  This family was a much weaker family then even they were before.  The number of male heirs reduced so much that eventually they even lost the family name.  Over time, the blood became so deluted with non-irregular humans that by time that these two were born, they were the only people that inherited powers.

Day 450

            The clan members that took us in asked me to train them to be as powerful as I can make them today.  I am still not sure it will be worth it for me to train them as they won’t be able to help much in the plan we have decided to enact after we succeed in our experiment and it develops into maturity. 

            I also decided because it was a really rainy day today to go into the Gargaunta to figure out if there is a way to go to an exact location using it.  Crom will be running the analysis of the data while I finish with the development of the sword.

Day 465

            I finally asked what the day month and year was today.  I had been holding out and planning on not asking about it as I thought the people that were letting us live there might think us crazy and kick us out, but to my surprise they didn’t.  The big strong one, named (Put name here) looked at a calendar and told me what it day and year it was.  I was surprised to hear that it was the 1st of April, 1905.  this was very surprising to me because when I died I was sure that it was the year 1857.  I must have spent a very long time in the world between the land of the dead and the living world with out remembering it.

            I have finally decided to train them in the ways of the shadow reaper.  I at first wasn’t going to but, they took an action that impressed me.  They, much to weak to actually fight the dolls of the Bount, decided go into enemy old enemy territory and spy on their mansion.  Their mansion was actually the main home of the Shadow Reapers.  The most surprising thing was the fact that there were only seven of them.  Not only that but their leader seems to have wind powers which is very useful because none of us have any powers of that element.  And, even our modified Aura only mimics wind it isn’t wind its self.

            I plan, if our modified aura fails to make a deal with them that might repair relations between the species of abnormal humans.  More allies would make our invasion even easier

Day 470

            The experiments are not working out the way we want to.  3 of the 8 eggs that we managed to make while we had the equipment have died.  Crom and the others are going to look into this issue while I to to gather some spiritual power and aura to modify from Hollows, which sadly now are the only source we can chose as when I supplied power I almost destroyed the device.

            On a happier note I got the analysis back from Crom about controlling my exit point of the   Gargaunta.  I also got a few tips during a meditation session.  Inside my soulscape he said that he would teach me from his own experience how to open a specific exit point.  In fact he said that he could if not for the barrier get into the soul palace where the zero squad lives.

            Training is going really well for the two remaining members of my clan.  So far their aura has grown to be twice as strong as it was before and they managed to manifest the blade that represents their specific powers. (Put name here)’s is a massive blade of 3 meters on above his hand and continues beyond his hand down for one more meter.  While the weapon of the other one, named (Name 2) is a brush with a scalpel blade instead of brushes.  While the powers were the same they were much more powerful.  (Put name here)’s size gain to item shrinkage went from roughly three-to-one to one-to-one. (Name 2)’s could now cut through a thick steel plate armor and he gained the ability to summon bombes into the world by drawing them.

11th April 1905

            Today during my meditation the inner Hollow told me some starting tips.  One of them was to think of my desired location before I opened the exit.  He said that while that doesn’t always work, it works most of the time.  When that fails he uses some senses that only Hollow’s have to try his best to figure out where he is.  Over all he said that getting exact locations is very difficult and takes a lot of practice.

            The experiment is even worse then before out of the remaining eggs we only have 2 left.  Yuki also did some analysis and found that the way we were doing it was killing them.  Acording to him we need to go to somebody with actual wind abilities and ask them for some help.  Just in case nobody was willing I asked Crom to Develop out of the sword equipment a forceful way to extract the power and aura an indivual.  He asked me why, and to that I said that I doubted that the Bount would agree to lend some help. After a few days of preparing some peace offerings I will go and knock on their front door.  I am going to go because I dought that they can actually take me down and harmony is busy setting up barriers to keep us from being detected by the reapers as she saw one on patrol yesterday.

What is Love?

What is Love?

By Mikayla Bazzell

As I sit here I think to myself

“Why am I writing this?”

I am not a writer, so

Why should I try?

Then I think

“I need a way to get

Stuff out of my system”


So… Why am I asking this again?

Because I have never gotten an answer.

What is love?


Well, let me answer my question with a question.

“Why do you care?”

All it does is hurt.

All it has ever done is hurt you.

You are too trusting and you love too easily.


I believe Shakespeare said,

It’s better to have loved and lost,

Than never to have loved at all.

That is a load of bull.

You love someone, you lose them,

You have a breakdown and go

Back to what you just beat.

It’s a never ending cycle!


You want to know what love is?

It’s when you’ll do anything for somebody.

It’s when you get this feeling

in the pit of your stomach like

birds flapping around whenever they are near.

You want to know what it does?

It kills a part of you.


Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?


It is better never to have loved at all than to have loved and lost.

When you love you feel good for a little while.

But you know what?

It never ends well.


Love always ends up hurting you in the end.

It always makes you go back to the darkness.

It always leaves you with permanent physical scars.

The thing for you to do is just

To build a wall around your heart. At least that way

You won’t have to get your heart

Broken again and

End up hurting yourself.


If you build a wall around

Your heart, you just might survive.

You just might end up

Not killing yourself from the pain.

Love isn’t worth the physical consequences…


What is love?

Love is death…