by Christine Hamilton


It’s like a black hole

that stops time within the soul.


Days stretch out ever longer,

leaving one no choice but to ponder.


Contemplate the choices allowed

by this illness that cannot be blocked out


Positioning one to make the choice of relief,

which is but a moment of peace.


Having no regret,

the monster dictates the mindset.


There is no escape from it.

It’s dizzying, like a never-ending pirouette.


I cannot tell you what the monster needs,

but I know that I must go and bleed.

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 3

Diary of the Last Shadow Reaper: The Quest for Revenge on the Reapers

By Samuel Clayton

Chapter 3

Squad life

Day 236

            The entire squad is crazy.  In order to stay away from the crazy captain who finding that I am alive wants t fight me again and to stay away from all the other battle crazed people in the squad, I made a rare request to be assigned to patrol the leave the city and was assigned to patrol the border of the slums for the next three weeks. While my friends will not be able to come with all of them are busy for the same period. I hope to hear what they were doing for so long.

Day 238

            The patrol so far has been un eventful so I have been training each night. I traveled 20 miles today in hard rain. It wasn’t fun but it was much better then my experience in the 11th division.

So far I haven’t made much progress in my training but I have done some experiments with my powers. With every Hollow I came across I tried to absorb all of the spiritual power from them. As many times as I tried to use there abilities every attempt failed and I just cut their mask as always.

Day 240

            Although the last two days have been uneventful today was not. At about noon today I came across a group of Hollows eating each other. They never noticed me but to my horror once all but one had been eaten suddenly the last one grew about 30 feet taller. As it noticed me I recognized the shape it had taken. It was a Menos Grande. In class we had been told about these extremely powerful forces. As my fear subsided I dodged a kick from the Hollow. Then after that it started charging the beam attack we were told to escape from, known as a Cero. I decided to do something that in retrospect I feel is stupid. I stood my ground, released the power of my sword and held my hand out. To my surprise, like my fight with Zaraki, The beam didn’t hurt me. Instead, the lines my gauntlet started glowing purple. As the beam stopped, my gauntlet appeared to be full. Not giving  me a second to respond it immediately attacked. In response I pointed my finger at the Hollow, pictured the process in which it fired the Cero at me and fired. Out came an identical beam that blew off the head of the Hollow.

            After this I meditated for a while communing with my sword. During that time it was revealed to me that I have a second gauntlet that I wasn’t capable of wielding until now. I was also finally able to see the figure within the sword. At first I thought it was the founder but then when it spoke with my voice I realized what it was. It was the armor that I wore on the day I died.  The sword spirit said that while the first gauntlet was able to absorb and release spirit energy attacks the other could incorporate that power into my self.

            The armor continued talking telling me about how I just used the protection and brute strength offered to those who used the armor and that I was only using less then one eighth of the power I could. He agreed that it was time to the rest of my power and when I awoke I found that I had two gauntlets. One looked the same and the other resembled more of a shield with similar glowing lines.

Day 241

            I tried something new and more stupid then yesterdays action today. I used the ability of the left gauntlet to absorb the remaining Hollow power from my right gauntlet into my self. This had a profound effect as suddenly their were not one but two spirits in my blade one looked like a smaller version of the Menos I killed, just smaller, with black chains binding it, The other was the armor holding those chains. I found that by taping into this power I was much more powerful and fast then before. I traveled most of the distance they wanted me to miles today.  I am curently 30 miles from finishing my mission. I will probably spend as long as possible training here and trying to absorb more Hollow spiritual power and pressure.

Day 249

            over the past week or so I gained even more power. I released a whole lot of Aura and attracted as many Hollows as possible to my location day after day. On the third day I found an object that could attract Hollows in large numbers. I used it and got a lot of small fry but also found a great powerful Hollow at the pinnacle of power. In school we learned their names as being Hollow lords. They are so powerful that I found it impossible to even scratch it with my Cero. However after it fired a much more powerful Cero at me I managed to block it and absorbed most of the power sent my way.  However I couldn’t absorb all of it. And I flew against a rock near by breaking my left arm.  As soon as I got up thought I just barely managed to lift my right arm in order to try and absorb more power and what I predicted would happen happened.  I was blown another 30 feet back and crashed into a tree.

            Seeing my plight another reaper in the area decided to help, only to be cut down in an instant by the blade like attachment on the Hollows arm.  I did however manage to get up before being cut across my chest.  The next hit I managed to block but I just flew through 10 trees before stoping.  As this was happening I heard a voice in my head saying, “Do you still desire his power?”.  From that point on it was all a blur.  I remember my gauntlet growing and forming more armor and healing me.  Then I blacked out.  After that I was looking through the eyes of a helmet looking a me fully clad in armor, but I was not in control of my body.  The Hollow, who had just almost killed me, was now bloodied and exhausted.  Right before I blacked out I saw my had reach up and start chocking the Hollow, but something interesting was happening the Hollow was being absorbed, not only his power but his body.  At that moment I blacked out and found my self laying down with the worried faces of my friends looking down on me.  As I am writing this I am in great pa…

Day 270

            I recovered a couple days ago but I still feel like I am not in control of my own Aura. I have periods of time when the black power I absorbed leaks out of my sword and cuts me. I told my sword spirit and he told me that it was because I took a Hollow inside my self and didn’t subjugate it told me to heal spiritually first before trying to subjugate the Hollow I introduced to my soul-scape.

Ever since my injury my friends have been she em always and I finally had time to be re assigned to the 12th division. Rumor is that the captain of that squad knows how to attain bankia, the final release of any sword in a week. I hope to show him my new abilities so that I can be trained to attain bankia in that way.

Day 334

            I cant believe that I didn’t write anything for two months. I am glad not be so busy that I can’t write in my journal. The past two months have be rough but many good things came during those months.

            First my sister has finally learned how to do the fist release of her sword.  It appears to change form to a tuning fork and forms a blade of sound when she sings. For me I finally finished subjugating the Hollow. It was a long hard fought affair and I almost died.  I have my friends to thank for that.

When I was recovering my friends masked my aura using barriers and magic so I didn’t get found out by the authorities.

            According to my friends I was in and out of consciousness for the first 10 days before falling into a death like sleep and having a white liquid coming   out of my body through my injuries, mouth and eyes.  In my own mind I was watching a set of back armor fight the Hollow while I lay bleeding on a battlefield fading in and out of consciousness.  Luckily the armor won and a gained a massive power boost.  This one was even greater then when I absorbed the aura of the Menos grande.  So far as I can tell the aura I can release is now puts more pressure on my surroundings then a low level captain.  I hope to ask the captain about the rumored bankia training in the near future as that is one of the last things I need to be able to compete on the level of the head captain

            For other events I heard that Crom got a promotion and there is a rumor that he might have also gotten his bankai. Also Yuki and Harmony decided to join the 12th division. Harmony decided that she didn’t like how the 2nd division was just using her and quit so we could work in the same squad, even though nobody in our group likes the vice captain.  Together at last we all decided to start a secret experiment where we would try to create a life form with a specially designed sword and sword spirit. However because we didn’t want to have the authorities come down on us for doing unethical experiments we decided this would be a secret affair.  Besides we don’t want anyone stealing our ideas.

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter 2

Diary of the Last Shadow Reaper: The Quest for Revenge on the Reapers

By Samuel Clayton

Chapter 2

The Academy

Day 32

            I can’t believe it, I found one of my family members here in the city.  The person in question was my sister Harmony.  Unlike me she never needed a sword to bring out her ability.  Her ability was unique among all of our clan.  She had the ability to generate any sound from her voice.  At first I didn’t recognize her, but she evidently recognized me because as soon as our eyes met she ran up and hugged me.  The things that brought us to this place were similar except that instead of fighting the army she took the opportunity to escape that I provided. 

            When we were in the world of the living, after I decimated their army, the reapers retreated to a more secure location.  She told me that while I had beaten the army the stealth core one by one assassinated the remaining numbers as they ran.  Out of thousands hundreds survived.  My sister was among the victims, but not as the cowards fleeing the enemy but standing her ground defending the clan.

            Among the others that I met I met a tall strong young man named Lamar and a feminine, bookish boy named Yuki.  I learned that in another day I will be going to class with this very group.  Hopefully I can make allies out of the people I met today.

Day 33

            Classes proper began today.  The first lessons are the barebones basics of being a reaper, things like spirit pressure, the swords, and flash step, etc.  It was surprisingly boring. 

            The only concept I hadn’t heard about before then was the concept of “Aura” a concept in which most types of abilities are done.  Put simply spiritual can be compared to water pressure in how the more pressure you have the faster the water can come out.  If you cant put out enough Aura you cant fuel your swords released forms

            Me and my friends heard something interesting today, apparently you can test out of certain items if you are talented enough in one of about five disciplines.  Yuki recommended that we don’t but LaMar managed to convince him that it was ok.  The plan so far is for my sister to master the spells, me to master swordsmanship, lamar to focus in flash-step and swordsmanship, and for Yuki to master his own sword when granted his own

Day 75

            so far the plan set months ago is working.  So far as I can tell we are each at least two years ahead of our classmates.  Today we went to get a tour of the 13 squads within the military.  Today we went to the first through the sixth division.

            The first division was the most impressive today.  We all met the head captain and had a demonstration of exactly how powerful he is.  Me and my sister were the only people to stay awake when he released his Aura.

            During our tour of the second division we met the current head of the stealth core and got a lecture about the history of the second division.  The third was not very interesting.

            The fourth was the most interesting of the ones to this point.  The closest way I could explain it is that it is similar to the things the churches did to help rich individuals when they were sick or injured.  Yuki was entranced the entire time that the vice captain was giving a tour of the facilities.  Not at her but in looking at how advance the. I think.  Disappointingly we didn’t get to meet the captain because she was out helping the eleventh division recover from a run-in with a Hollow.  Much like the third division the fifth and sixth divisions were completely uninteresting. 

            I am almost fearful of the tour of the eleventh division as the captain was the man who nearly killed me three months ago in the slums.

Day 76

            Well the dreaded day came and went.  At first the day was going fine for the first three squads we visited, then we came to the 11th division.  I didn’t even get through the front door before the captain greeted me.  Everyone was shocked that he knew me but the shock wore of quickly after they heard the story about how I survived an encounter with this man.  The truth coming out I became the center of attention for the remainder of the day and was forced to tell the story to the entire class at dinner.

            The 12th division was very weird. First of all the vice-captain was very strange and my friend accidentally found an open door and heard about a group of people talking about a Nemuri managing to survive longer then before.  When he asked the tour guide, the guide said that he obviously heard wrong and that no such experiment was being conducted.

Day 117

            today we were given a sword to put our power into to gain an ability.  We also went to a training area to learn to fight Hollows. I was allowed to keep my sword because I already had one but Harmony, and all the others were given one. My team did well but the rest of the teams with my friends on them did a lot worse.  Usually with my friend holding the entire team up with exemption to Yuki which was the first to fall and had to be brought to squad 4 be healed.  Aside from that nothing else important happened.

            The only person to better then me was our new friend Chrom.  It seemed to me that he was moving unusually fast.  Afterwards I saw him being yelled at by the instructor.

Day 213

            well, the day finally came, Graduation day.  I am going to start with the good part.  Yuki got assigned to squad 4 as his medical skills were top of their class.  To be specific he got the 10th seat in the squad.  My sister Harmony got assigned as third seat in squad 2 and given the specific job of being the interrogator for those who couldn’t be broken by traditional means.  And LaMar and I, joy of all joys, got assigned to the one squad I didn’t want to be a part of, the 11th squad.  The worst part of it all was the fact that I was given an officer position so I couldn’t ask to be re assigned. LaMar wanted to be part of the 12th division but was willing to accept the assignment.  He will probably ask to be re assigned to the 12th division.  I don’t know where Chrom was assigned but I would guess that he was assigned to the eighth division

            We all agreed that we would, with the money gained during our time in the city, to buy up all the houses on one of the small streets.  That way we could all be close together when we were not on assignment.



By Kale Weaver

There are dolls of porcelain

There are dolls of straw

There are dolls of all kinds

I’m not a doll at all


Their hair is pretty

Their hair is long

They’ve got all kinds of hair

But my hair does not belong


There are dolls brand-new

There are dolls old

There are dolls very expensive

I can’t even be sold


Their faces are beautiful

Their faces are kind

They’ve got it made for them

But all I have is my mind

Journal of the Last Shadow Reaper: the quest for revenge on the reapers (a bleach fan fiction) Chapter1

Diary of the Last Shadow Reaper: The Quest for Revenge on the Reapers

by Samuel Clayton

Chapter 1

The beginning

Day 1

            Before I died, I was always told of the place you go when you are killed.  The clan elder always described a realm with a horrible wealth disparity between the noble families and the people of the street.  I was also told of the abilities that most of the noble families commanded.  Of all these things I heard him say I believed none of it.  As I am now I should have listened closer to his lessons about the reapers and the differences between us. 

            Seemingly Just a little while ago I was at home during a war between the reapers and our people, the Order of the dark bowmen.  At the time, we had been under siege for a while, but we were quickly eradicated right after our leader Lord Clayton the 20th was killed right in front of me. 

            In his last moments he gave me the greatest and oldest relics of our clan, the armor and blade of the spirit king.  According to legend the weapons contained the destructive power of god.  Not only that but the armor enhanced the natural abilities of our own powers and were going to be especially effective given that my powers were identical to our clans founder the legendary wielder of these relics.

            I vowed to kill every reaper I found that day but because of the generation I was born into I contained too many separate entities within my soul, and my body could not contain the power within me so even though I managed to kill over 60% of there army I was quickly torn apart by my own power.  At that moment I woke up with a roman long sword and no other weapons in the realm of the dead.  I also was unable to activate a single ability even though I was as physically strong as when I was alive. I will make the Soul Society pay for the destruction and chaos inflicted on my clan by causing the same to occur for them.  I will not destroy them though until they understand and feel the same pain I felt then I will kill them slowly and painfully.  By that time I will have made the shadow reapers equivalent in power once again and we will rule the ashes left by the charred remains of the reapers.

Day 5

            I have been looking for other clan members for days but have had no luck.  I will try to look at the one remaining district but if I cannot find anyone I will have to raise my army from the best of the poor districts.

Day 6

            This morning, during my search for clan members, I came across a man, who after hearing of me he decided to challenge me to a duel to the death.  With just my strength alone I was unable to keep up with him.  Disappointed the man who attacked me decided that it would not be worth killing me.  As he was walking away I felt a sudden surge of power as a shiny black gauntlet appeared on the hand my sword used to be.

            The Gauntlet had 2 parts, the hand and the arm. Both were a shiny jet black and had pulsing lines that appeared as interconnected strait lines all intersecting at a gem in the palm section of the armor. The arm section fit tightly to the contour of my muscles. And the hand section consisted of five long claws and a defensive palm piece with another part of it covering my hand.  All the parts were linked by tiny chains.

            Feeling my Aura he turned around to see me with a gauntlet on my right hand.  He questioned me about it but I said nothing.  He then charged at me.  Before I new it, he slashed down.  Almost instantly I lifted my hand to block and noticed a strange thing happening.  The aura released by the man was being absorbed into the gauntlet.  As it was being absorbed I found my self feeling faster and stronger.  Using this strength, I slashed at him with my claws and managed to cut him.

            He responded to the cut in the wrong way, he seemed to be enjoying himself.  I was then hit with a blow stronger then any of the others before.  I fell to the ground and woke up just a couple hours ago in a strangers house in bandages.  He was amazed at how fast I healed and I will probably be leaving in the morning

Day 10

            I finally, reluctantly, decided to join the reaper academy to learn how to unlock my abilities and infiltrate the ranks of the reapers. I will search the academy for other clan members.

Day 20

I got accepted!   I will be meeting in the city in 4 days to meet the class.