by Jasmine Williams

I have a state of mind
No not right a fragile state of mind
Tries to rhyme but has no time
My time runs low my body feels so cold
My thoughts eat me alive until I’m out of time
Never seeming to slow
Racing racing slowing in my mind
Wont get out in time
They wont come in time
Out of time
Slowly slowing racing to the finish line
Am I out of time
I can’t rhyme
But I hope one day this is seen
Cover all the things that could ever be seen
So one day I can say that I was seen
I was heard slowly slowly I was heard
Open mouth closed eyes
These thoughts won’t escape me I give them outs but they are here
Wondering wondering when they will get of here
I have a fragile state of mind
My thoughts eat me alive
They beat on my state mind
A fragile state of mind
Cracking cracking
I will break
They wont be on time
I have a fragile state of mind.