by KM Smith

Pretty little words-

aren’t always pretty


sometimes they’re lies

to keep everything






Pretty little words-

keep my head in a whirl,

keep my stomach in knots,

and keep me on the tops of my toes.


Pretty little words-

remind me that words

like “I love you”

are too pretty for

a mess like



by morrabbitx


My sweet little angel baby-

my pink


my blue;

there is never a moment

in the day where your

mama is never thinking

about you.


My sweet little angel baby-

mama loves you more than

the stars in the great wide



by KM Smith


Meth took my daddy away,

she recounted softly,


Almost took my mama away too,

she added avoiding eye contact.


Meth takes away almost everything you love,

she was now bouncing on the balls of her feet,

looking anywhere and everywhere, but not at me.


It doesn’t care if you’re rich or you’re poor-

it’ll make you steal from your parents or your

uncles or your aunts or,

she looks up at me then,

your kids too.


My daddy stole my change out of my piggy

bank one time,

she tells me somberly.

he said it was to buy mommy a present-

something to make her happy but I think he

did it wrong.


The little girl with the tawny color hair

pulled back with a ribbon to match her dress

and when she looks down at her scuffed white

dress shoes, she reminds me a lot like me.



by morrabbitx

i feel like

i’m a ticking

time bomb,


which is dumb

i know because

i’m only twenty

and i have a

full life to live


until i really

sit and think:

“a cigarette takes

an average of

seven minutes

off your life”

and i’ve lost

count of how many

that i’ve kissed


i feel like i’m

racing against

the inevitable;

that i’m missing

out on everything

by just taking things



i want to be married

and have a baby

and have a family

and do this

and do that














by Jessica Mays

As she drove that dark, lonely road,

Her heart already broken, but her story untold.


The lifetime of dreams, she shared with this man,

Had been destroyed at his very own hand.


For this new love had took from her, you see

From their children, their home, their whole family


How could this new love have a hold so strong?

How could it have all went so very wrong?


His new love, you see, was neither woman nor man,

But a cold glass pipe he held in his hand.


He would stay with his love all day and all night,

She made sure he was never too far from his sight.


The moral of this story both sad and true,

That the mistress named Meth will not let go of you.


If you happen to meet her, turn and walk away,

For she is greedy and selfish and on the weak she does prey.




by Lidian Lindsey

Pit pat, pit pat,

That’s the sound of my tears,

Pit pat, pit pat,

That’s all I can hear,

Pit pat, pit pat,

I look down and I see,

Pit pat, pit pat,

the blue ink of paper running free,

pit pat, pit pat,

I watch it run

Pit pat, pit pat

The ink merges as one

Pit pat pit pat

It reminds me

Pit pat pit pat

Of the time I was free

Pit pat pit pat

I guess this is all I’ll ever be

Pit pat pit pat

The tears of merging ink


by Powell Franklin


When I first saw you, you were no larger than a loaf of bread

Fresh-baked, red, and a bit crinkled.  I held you in one arm,

Your head nestled into the crook of my elbow,

Your bottom, diapered for the very first time, in the palm of my left hand,

And your crying stopped as you gazed into my face, with a look of wonderment.


This morning, I rushed you off to school, freshman year.  You were

A bit impertinent in your hurry, a bit aloof with your newfound independence.

Your hair swishing side-to-side as you strode out the door, into the building.

You did not look back,

And my silent tears slid down my cheek as I watched you go, with a look of wonderment.


by Jessica Mays

My heart is broken, my soul is weak.
I cannot stand on my own two feet.

My world is crashing all around.
It is all gone know my hopes and dreams
I cannot find the strength to scream.

Where do I go? What do I do?
I don’t want to go on without you.

I must go on, I cannot stop
The world has not ended
My heart has not stopped.

The pain will fade, the memories will too
I must go on
With or without you.


by Amanda L. Pugh


He never realized
How much she meant
To him, his heart, his soul
Until she was gone.
Out of his reach
But still on his mind
He could still see
Her smiles, her tears
Share her happiness
Share her pain
On the social media page
But he never realized
How much that woman
Meant to the man
He wanted so much to be
Until she was gone.