by Crystal Goff

The shine to the sun,

on my cloudy day.

The wings that I needed,

to fly away.

The light to the dark,

in a world filled with night.

In a world filled with black,

you were my white.

My faith in the world,

you filled it with hope.

You gave me strength,

I needed to cope.

My life raft out on the

the open sea.

Everything in this life,

I ever needed you to be.


by Crystal Goff

I’m a thousand miles from nowhere,

as my mind drifts along the sea.

I smile as I gaze at the sun,

because I know your smiling back at me.

My dreams and memories of you,

are sweetly tucked inside my mind.

The love I havve in my heart for you,

could never fade with time.

My heart and kindness at times fail me,

and I often lose my way.

As I wander aimlessly through the clouds,

and dream away the day.

The fact that your love for me is endless,

and in my heart you forever live on.

Gives me the greatest comfort in my heart,

that one has ever known.

Heaven gained you many moons ago,

and the ache in my heart stands still.

I find great comfort in knowing you up

there watching over me, and that you

always will….


by Crystal Goff

We’re told we have Freedom of Religion

until an Athiest comes along and asked

that the word God be taken away.

At our expense the government agrees

its ok, what about us as Christians don’t

we get a say.

I as a christian can respect that in nothing

you believe, can’t we just agree to disagree.

Your free to have your beliefs, and I am free

to have mine, tell me where we draw the line.

I respect that to you there is no heaven

or no hell, however, removing God from

everything still isn’t going to serve you very well.

God lives within our homes and our hearts

you see, so go ahead and try your best,

but you can’t take him away from me.

We’re told we have Freedom of speech,

then we’re told to watch our words.

Becareful what you say, someone

might just take offense. What has gotten

into everyone these days, this really makes

no sense.

We have to mind our words, our thoughts

hell eventually our dreams, today more

than ever so it seems.

I should be free to be me, and you to be you.

We are made to be different, especially unique.

What type of understanding is it that you truly seek?

It makes no difference to me what choice it is you make,

as long as it is not my freedoms that you are choosing to take.

We’re told we have the Right to Bare Arms,

For the protection of our families and our homes.

Put those arms in the hands of criminals and thugs

and suddenly the fault becomes our guns.

I agree everyone has the right to life,

but blame the criminal not the device.

Controlled by nothing more than the idol hand,

but these words one must hear and understand.

Threaten my home, my family, or my life,

I will defend them at all cost.

For with that same gun you point at me,

My life wont be the one that’s lost.

What happened to times when we took

responsibility for our own actions, owned

up to what has been done.

We have lost sight of what these rights

really mean, choosing to put on them our

own spin, but no matter how you choose

to see it a sin is still a sin.


by Rachel Coon

There are days I want to scream

Why aren’t they understanding me?!

There are days I do not care

Doing my best to understand, only what’s there

In front of me

Not the tomorrows or yesterdays

Give me the relevance

To grasp my independence

Why does being good sometimes feel so awkward?

Why does going against the grain initiate such anxiety?

It’s okay to be different, it’s okay to be weird

It’s okay to be you, it’s okay to be true

It’s okay to be unique, it’s okay to be scared

Breaking away from the norm isn’t always the easiest

But I’ve learned it’s the happiest

Change is birthed within us

Stand up for the song your heart sings

Stand up for what your visions will bring

Stand up for everything you believe to be true

& there will not always be an us, without you.


by Rachel Coon

I just want a break from the discipline

I always have to be the one that says no

And it doesn’t feel fair

I just want to be the fun one

And enjoy with you the sky and the air

I hope when you’re older you don’t hold this against me

I just want you to be the best that you can be

You got stuck with 2 parents in one

& when it’s all said and done

I hope you will see just how much I love you

And how much I believe in you

I am doing my best

I am giving this my all

& I will never rest

Until I have tried it all

You are half of me

& sometimes my entirety

I didn’t have the best example

Hopefully my attempts are ample

You deserve the world my son

& I will not rest until I am done

I need you to be a good human

Do not be like me and go about life assumin’

Success is hard work and determination

& I will see you through, to your destination

Please don’t make all of this heartache for nothing

Please become something

Please be happy, in whatever you do


by Rachel Coon

You don’t realize how good things can be

Until you start all over,

Dismiss the demons

Welcome the turnover

The little makes up the big

And I refuse to leave strings

A constant battle

An internal struggle

Eternal doubt

Emotional drought

How do you choose what to fight for?

When everything cuts so deep

I shed everything to the floor

Left with the memories of before

Awaiting the moment of clarity

Defeat isn’t a part of my vocabulary

When I might meet my sanity

Perseverance is my clarity

Awaiting a time of peace

My fight isn’t over

& I am in it for the long haul

The fight is never over

My fight isn’t over

& I won’t settle for anything but it all


by Arianna Bledsoe

Description: This is Ollie, the Axolotl, or the Mexican walking fish. She is a salamander all the way from Mexico. She loves her owner, Arianna, loves to eat worms and pellets and loves to swim around her little tank. If you look closely, you’ll see a piano, (Arianna plays it) and funky patterns.


by Jessica Garrett

This weight is upon me throughout the day, this weight of the world and all its ways,

This weight of the air as I take each breath, the weight of each and every step.

This weight that is on me will not let up, the more I try the less I am enough,

It pushes down on me as though I may smother, I dare not cry out for fear this weight my bother another.

So, I bare it alone this weight I tell you won’t leave me alone.

Then I thought to myself so quiet, if I would just share this weight it might become quite lite,

Not to put it upon someone else but just for a moment not bear it all by myself,

So that maybe if only for a short time this weight that is upon me could be more than just mine.

As I let this weight be shared, my knees that once carried too much to bear,

began to have strength like I had never known, all because I realized I wasn’t alone.

So, when this world is weighing down on you, remember this lesson that I know to be true

That no matter your burdens big or small, you don’t have to try to carry them all.


by Hannah Pickering

Child: Small hands, wondrous mind, bright eyed and staring in amazement at the stars. Decides then that all they want when they’re older is to be among them.

Teen: Bigger hands, mind not so wondrous as it once was, eyes dulled around the edges, losing the enchanted glow.
Times changed, life’s gotten harder, reality bearing down on them to grow their roots inside the box instead of outside it.
Their eyes still sometimes glance to the sky thinking if they can one day find themselves among the stars when they’re older.

Adult: Grown hands, mind has been shut down but reborn and rewired, eyes are tired and rarely glow now.
Life’s brought them to where they are, different path then they’d imagined, roots confined in one place.

They sit on the porch in the dead of night, gazes directed to the billions of twinkling lights and one murmurs, “I always wanted to be among the stars…but I could never quite reach them.” There’s a moment of silence followed by a gentle hum, hands outstretched as if to touch the stars in the sky, and the other replies,

If you can’t get to the stars yourself, creating your own will work just fine.”