by Alexis D. Kerney


When Nightfall comes spare me the relentless taste of agony.

When Nightfall comes spare me this constant pain.

When Nightfall comes shield my ears from Her creature’s cries.

When Nightfall comes save me from Satan’s desirous lies.


As Nightfall approaches please let light shine upon this cold and broken heart.

As Nightfall approaches please bless this soul so her demons shall not tear me apart.

As Nightfall approaches protect me. Make me fearless. Make it fair.

As Nightfall approaches save me from my demons piercing glare.


O Windless Night! Spare me thy woe!

Splinters of ice carve out what is left of this stained soul.

Goddess of Destruction take what is left of me.

Shape, as Nightfall comes, the beast I have been cursed to be.

Howl beneath the bright glow of the Moon.

Fall captive to my golden stare.

Give me back my sanity.

Give me back those things you took, if you dare.


Take this as no challenge, this is war!

A war of courage and might.

Give me my battle cloths and we’ll fight until morning light.

Spare me thy mercy! Spare me thy pity!

This battle is not for peace!

Hark unto my words, I will not rest until this pain will cease!


This war is my choice,

A victory unannounced.

When Nightfall comes, your control ebbs away

Ounce by broken ounce.

Listen to my voice!

As you speak that curse, it is me you renounce!

Tell me the truth.

As Nightfall comes gain my trust

Ounce by golden ounce.


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