by Brianna Mason


Somewhere someone’s uncle is telling another terrible joke

And everyone is pretending it’s the first time they’ve heard it.

Grandma’s in the kitchen turning potatoes into everything

making sure everyone stays away from the kitchen.

All the adults are arguing over a game of monopoly.

The kids are running around in bathing suits without shoes.

There are at least eight dogs playing in the house

and someone forgot to bring the sunblock.

There’s Disney theme music playing in the background

And everyone’s smile is so big it could fit yesterday inside

And still have enough room for today and tomorrow.

There’s laughter so loud that the neighbors are angry

And wonder why they weren’t invited to the party.

Today there is no crying. No bloodshed in the streets.

No news headlines, bills, or road rage in traffic

Today there are no broken doors or counter pieces

chipped off from one too many arguments over nothing.

Today cancer doesn’t exist and there are no late fees.

Speeding tickets are just reminders of how fast life fly’s.

And there is enough food for everyone and then some.

The lights stay on all day because the bills are paid.

You can feel the last eighty years of struggle in the room.

The last eighty years of yelling and crying and swearing.

But you can also hear the last eighty years of laughter.

The last eighty years of Christmas lights and cookouts.

Today there is potato salad, grilled corn, and fried okra.

The only tear shed today is when everyone goes home.

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