by Hannah Pickering


Such a tender love that flows through your veins.

Tender, but fiercely passionate.

I can feel it from the palms of your hands as they rest upon my back.

Your arms curled around me, act as a protective cage, shielding my winds as they rest.

And though the cage itself is not locked, your eyes have chained me in place.

They speak depths though your mouth does not.

Stay with me. They plead.  I will do anything, just stay.

The grip of your arms and hands tighten as I rest my head upon your chest.

I love this chest, and the heart that lies within.

A strong, pulsing heartbeat confines within a broad, proud chest.

I truly don’t know if I could ever stay in one place forever.

But if these arms are the cage and I am the bird,

Then I will gladly stay until my heart is content.





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