by Hannah Pickering


Tonight, I found comfort walking home in the dark.

Usually, it scared me, but this time, it did not.

Only the sound of the wind whispering quietly without care,

And the slivers of moonlight that danced through the air.

My feet carried me mile after mile,

Stopping to observe the twilight for a while.

Silently I stood upon a small hill,

Admiring the city below that slept so still.

And slowly Dawn appeared casting reflections in the fountains,

And chased Dusk away up over the mountains.

Softly she rose creating colors so vibrant,

Red, orange, pink, blue, and purple all became migrant.

Contentment filled me as I turned and walked away,

Far from the city, and far from the day.

I wandered down streets still covered in darkness,

And gazed as the shadows pirouetted so artless.

Finding comfort walking home throught the dark,

Usually it scared me, but today, it did not.


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