by Destiny Taylor


Dear Parents,

Encourage your children.

Lift them up and be there for them.

Show them the Good in the world.

Show them all the love and positive things around you.

Point out all the little happy things.

Point out the bee pollinating the flower.

Point out the ant carrying its meal on its back.

Point out the droplets of dew on the morning grass.

Explore with them.

Take them outside during a shower

And let them be serenaded by the song of rain.

Put a blanket on the ground under the night sky

And show them the big dipper.

Show them the moon and

Acknowledge its different faces.

Hunt for four leaf clovers;

             Squint hard.

Enjoy the taste of a honeysuckle’s sweet nectar.

Make wishes on dandelions,

And dare not tell what it is you wished.

Educate them.

Read books with them.

Answer their questions to the best of your ability.

Show them what you know,

As later they will show you.

Introduce them to all kinds of music and art.

Teach them to appreciate such things

and let them be inspired.

Finally, Love them.

Nurture them as a lioness nurtures her cubs.

Hold them in your arms tight,

As one day you’ll no longer be able to do so.

Let them sleep with you

When they are afraid.

Listen to their stories

No matter how tired you are.

And always whisper sweet “I love you’s” as they

              Drift off to sleep.

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