by Jasmine Williams


Can we take thanks for the things that we think

Original and unique never before thought

Then we have them and gone, out of reach

Once more and now you start to become awake

We se the stars long dead and gone still shine

And se we will join them one day

The matter of us is the matter of all

And it’s a matter of time before you start to

Wake up

We yell at time and distance and space

Of lost days that have gone away but

The question must be asked

We exist and are, but no stars see time or distance or space

The star sees just existing now and now

And so, shouldn’t we? Join the stars early?
and this is when you wake up early

Before you are too decided to walk

To join the stars now before you become dust

Dust that will just become part of it all again

Join it early and wake up

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