by Jasmine Williams


Your honor, please let me bring the defenses argument.


I am the last person who should stand here today and tell you to save them

To spare them from the horrible hell you have already decided for them

But, I want to bring one piece to the table, one argument.

I will not waste mine or your time.

I will make things brief.

You have forsaken Man for all the they have done.

I know the things that goes on in their heads.

The murder, raping, the poverty the waiting.

They started with so much potential and we both watched as their glimmer faded.

They take pride in the wrong they do, the kill true beauty and smile at the job.

They taint all that they have touched like a rose that wilts after you hold it too long.

They do not hold the rose they pluck it and demand that it smells.

Then after all its uses are gone, Man then cries asking what went wrong.

They are petty and inpatient, dirty and smell. They kill everything

From land, to sea, to themselves. Inside and out.

They are horrible beings and, honestly, I agreed with you.

But, we fathered them both of us, and I have one thing to say before you take them away.

They have disease and sickness and lust, greed, envy and anger and mean.

They have no redeeming qualities at least that is what you believe…

Have you ever seen the face of a mother with her young, day old?

The smiles of children in the park, in the yards.

The way a young man falls for his love.

The gentle breathes that sing in syce.

The way of two heartbeats.

All the hair fading from a child’s head. Uniting all to fight for them.

The gentle hands that hold other close.

The comfort of a friend or a lover or both possibly.

The singing of songs that no one knows.

The car rides and walks to places familiar or unknown.

The seeing of misery and some, not all, see this as a thing that must be fought.

The way of someone working hard for what they want.

The words of a poem that finally becomes more then a thought.

I know there is bad, I am like you after all, but I see that Man.

Might have a chance after this.

So you can take them and doom them know. Or let them try.

Let them grow and take the warning not as lightly.

Let them know of their stance and see if they improve.

At least that is what the defense brings to you.


Thank you.

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