By: Autumn Skye Burton

These words, these stories, these fantasies, they speak to my very soul. Every perfectly inked letter on this vintage yellow page glitters with my curiosity. There is wisdom in your writing, a lesson to be learned, a secret to be uncovered, a story to be told. Captivated, I never leave a page unturned, or a word unread, or an idea unexplored. These words, they fill my mind. With ideas and wonders and feelings. I isolate my thoughts to only the writing within these crisp pages between my fingers. The ink holds its own aesthetic and power, your story holds its own meanings, the ending holds its own emotions. But oh, these words, they break my heart. When a hero dies. When a heart is broken. When justice goes unserved. These stories, they mend my soul, they teach my mind, they brighten my world. But oh, beware the power behind those words; there is always a secret they haven’t yet told.

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