By Charlie Lor



The following was inspired by this article: In short, scientists discovered an ant colony built directly on top of an old nuclear bunker’s ventilation shaft. Any unlucky ant that loses its grip finds itself trapped inside the bunker, with no way out. The inside of the bunker is cold, dark, and seemingly without food. The bunker is also populated with bats.



I should have listened to you, Sister. Now I have fallen. There are others down here as well. Others who made the same mistake I did.

It is so cold down here. I can barely see anything, but from what I have seen, this land is desolate and barren, Bats swoop in to prey on us at times, and the bodies… So many bodies… Dead, sick, and dying. I want to come home.

It has been five days since I’ve fallen into the Abyss. The others tell me to give up my endeavors to escape, but I won’t give up that easily. Today, I and a group of others who fell with me will begin our journey to leave this bleak land.

Most of them are dead, eaten by the bats. Sister Chirik is gone. I was one of the few fortunate enough to only get knocked back down. I am slightly injured, and it will take me a while to recover. It is disheartening to have lost all my progress, but I will persevere.

Ten days. Ten days in the cold and darkness. Food is scarce, as usual. The others don’t tell me what they’ve been feeding me, but it gives me enough energy to get around. Enough to plan another escape attempt. To whomever that is reading this journal, do not worry, you will escape from this place as well.

I made it, Sister! I have made it to the mouth of the Abyss! Oh how glorious it is! After a night’s rest, I will begin the Ascent.

I hear their screams as they fall past me. It haunts me.

Sister, they won’t stop screaming.

Is this purgatory? Is this hell?

Climbing up an endless chasm while hearing the lamentations of the damned?”

This section that I am climbing seems to be quite unstable, but I think it will hold lon


I have fallen yet again.

The Darkness has claimed me, Sister.

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