By Amy Prince


I, of slender build and dark complexion,

A son, brother, and uncle,

Took for granted what God gave me,

Never taking the time to appreciate the true blessings in life.

I, a once-successful soul full of life and glee,

Have forever lost the dearest love a man could have;

All for the love of a foreign woman.

I had everything I could have ever dreamed:

A family, a house, and little ones to love.

But I threw it away when I met

The foreign woman.

My mind focused only on male-driven desires

And my mouth on hurtful, unthinkable words.

I could not stand the thought of anything

Except the foreign woman.

My hate-filled rumors and words of lies

Spread like a wildfire in a severe drought.

Through the town, more people believed

The untrue stories that I told.

Seemingly, they cared not for the ones truly hurting,

But instead focused on my well-being.

I had placed the wool over everyone’s eyes

Except for the ones who cared the most,

The ones who knew me for who I truly was.

Henceforth, the love of my life –

The one I believed my bride-to-be –

Was using her own scheme

For her own personal desires.

She used me and played me

To become a legal resident.

She left as fast as she arrived

And I found I was chained like a dog to a tree

Until the day of my death.

She, like a snake in the grass, full of evil spirits,

Captured my soul and sold it to the devil.

My soul still alive but my body dust,

I must dwell now in agony and turmoil,

Knowing my decisions focused on devilish desires.



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