by Jessica Garrett

This weight is upon me throughout the day, this weight of the world and all its ways,

This weight of the air as I take each breath, the weight of each and every step.

This weight that is on me will not let up, the more I try the less I am enough,

It pushes down on me as though I may smother, I dare not cry out for fear this weight my bother another.

So, I bare it alone this weight I tell you won’t leave me alone.

Then I thought to myself so quiet, if I would just share this weight it might become quite lite,

Not to put it upon someone else but just for a moment not bear it all by myself,

So that maybe if only for a short time this weight that is upon me could be more than just mine.

As I let this weight be shared, my knees that once carried too much to bear,

began to have strength like I had never known, all because I realized I wasn’t alone.

So, when this world is weighing down on you, remember this lesson that I know to be true

That no matter your burdens big or small, you don’t have to try to carry them all.

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