by Rachel Coon

I just want a break from the discipline

I always have to be the one that says no

And it doesn’t feel fair

I just want to be the fun one

And enjoy with you the sky and the air

I hope when you’re older you don’t hold this against me

I just want you to be the best that you can be

You got stuck with 2 parents in one

& when it’s all said and done

I hope you will see just how much I love you

And how much I believe in you

I am doing my best

I am giving this my all

& I will never rest

Until I have tried it all

You are half of me

& sometimes my entirety

I didn’t have the best example

Hopefully my attempts are ample

You deserve the world my son

& I will not rest until I am done

I need you to be a good human

Do not be like me and go about life assumin’

Success is hard work and determination

& I will see you through, to your destination

Please don’t make all of this heartache for nothing

Please become something

Please be happy, in whatever you do

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