by Crystal Goff

I’m a thousand miles from nowhere,

as my mind drifts along the sea.

I smile as I gaze at the sun,

because I know your smiling back at me.

My dreams and memories of you,

are sweetly tucked inside my mind.

The love I havve in my heart for you,

could never fade with time.

My heart and kindness at times fail me,

and I often lose my way.

As I wander aimlessly through the clouds,

and dream away the day.

The fact that your love for me is endless,

and in my heart you forever live on.

Gives me the greatest comfort in my heart,

that one has ever known.

Heaven gained you many moons ago,

and the ache in my heart stands still.

I find great comfort in knowing you up

there watching over me, and that you

always will….

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