by Jennifer Dennison

7 days ago, I looked into a mirror and a Stranger was looking back,

7 days ago, the life I had been living had become only clothes in a sack.

7 days ago, my head was confused, everything was a blur,

7 days ago a voice inside my heart screamed out for help, and was very clearly heard.

7 days ago, I surrendered it all, and with tears in my eyes, I made that life-changing call.

7 days ago, I was terrified, ashamed and lost.

7 days ago, I realized what had become the ultimate cost.

7 days ago, I stepped through those doors, gave up that devastating demon, and said No More!

7 days ago, I heard other stories of regret and remorse.

7 days ago I found the path, others on the same journey, and I began to learn the tools to help me stay on course.

7 days ago, I opened my heart and cried in front of complete strangers, I told them about my disease, my mistakes and my anger.

7 days ago, I gave it all up and took it all in, No one judged, criticized, or condemned.

7 days ago, I faced my shame and my strife.

So today, 7 days later, I want to say Thank You to YOU, the woman that saved my life!

*This poem was written at the end of my 7-day detox treatment. I want to dedicate it to all of you that are finding yourselves and staying sober!*

Jennifer D.

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