by Victoria Edwards

I sink into the sand alone and cold underneath the silent starry sky.

I waited desperately to hear a word from them.

But time grows slow with the emits of despair.

Alas, the weary stars will not speak to me, as I follow an uncertain

Path that lies before me. I wish I could have asked my last faithful plea, as I fall

Deeper in the cold unforgiving unknown.

I should have known this day would come, as I sink ever farther into the ground.

I could hear peaceful sounds of waves coming closer to grasp ahold of me,

To save me from what is to come.

I follow its kind relaxing voice showing me where to go.

With a weary uncertainty, I closed my eyes and listened.

I followed their words of hope and found myself above the sand

Not sinking into despair.

From a kindness that saved me from a terrible mistake, I now walk with open eyes.

I found myself looking up at the starry sky once again, smiling with a mist of joy.

Finally hearing them speak for the very first time.

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