by Stacie Ramirez

I used to think I could find happiness 

By sacrificing my own 
I always thought getting away would be fun 

But I always miss home 
I never thought I would overcome the hurt 

But it has molded me into a sturdy vase
I have become more understanding 

By presenting myself an empty slate 
Oh how I dwell on things in my past 

And oh how they linger and haunt 
But I have seized the day

Do you know the joy accomplishment has brought? 
I say farewell I open this page 
I write vigorously about my life 

And talk about the hurt I’ve famously caged
I water myself with wisdom

 And encourage others with deep vitality
But how does the person that has it all together sleep? 
Does he or she clinch their fist as they continuously weep? 
The mentor longs for something 

Oh it aches! 
The simplest of disappointments 

Has haunted them for a decade

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