About Spilled Ink


Glad you could join us today. We are “Spilled Ink”, a literary journal sponsored by the Creative Writing Club of Jackson State Community College. Within our pages you will find original works of creative writing, created by JSCC students and faculty.

What exactly will you find? You will find anything from short stories to poetry to chapter stories and any other unique works that our authors can imagine. One minuet you could read a short story that melts your heart and the next you might find a poem that chills you to the bone. The only constant is that all our authors are all members of the JSCC community who want to showcase their hard work and imagination.

But we are not stopping there. We will also host the artwork of campus artists and the occasional competition or a special event. You never know what new adventure you will find when you give us a visit. So come on in and stay a while. Prop your feat up, be careful with your coffee, and enjoy the creatively spilt ink of our authors.