The Creative Writing Club of Jackson State Community College is a support group for students interested in learning more about the art of writing creatively. Ha-Ha. Ok, bad joke, I know. But in all seriousness, the Creative writing Club is a place where any one who enjoys a good story or poem can gather to learn more about this art form. Whether you’re new to writing or have been doing it for several years, this club welcomes everyone with open arms. Every author has a unique way of writing and their own way of seeing the world around them. The club’s primary goal is to help each member to develop their skills as a writer and their voice as an artist.

The club also functions as an information network for members who are perusing a carrier as an author or in a related field. The club keeps an ear out for the latest writing competitions and is always on the look out for new publishing techniques and opportunities.

Weather you are heading toward a career in creative writing or simply have an interest in it, than we at the Creative Writing Club would be happy to have you join us.